Ten tips for making the living room a cinema

Ten tips for making the living room a cinema

Not every family has a "luxury" like a movie room to watch movies, and more often use the living room, study or bedroom as a place to watch movies. Maybe your home has been refurbished, you already have a large TV or projection screen and surround sound system, but you don't like it because it doesn't look like a theater. The main reason is the lack of cinema. Atmosphere. Ok, now the question is coming? How to create this atmosphere? Before we shared two articles: "Living room theater? Why the home theater should be in the living room, "the living room theater formation process and precautions", here to teach you ten strokes.

1. Repaint the wall.

The use of dark wall paint can effectively reduce the reflection of light and make the image on the TV look better.

2. Rearrange the furniture layout

When watching a movie at a movie theater, you usually choose the front of the curtain, so you should do the same in your own home. Adjust the position of the sofa so that he is right in front of the TV.

3. Add some decorative details.

Add some decorative lines, such as pillars or other decorative houses in the cinema, which can be found in the home improvement store.

4. Add new lighting.

Most theaters use wall lighting, so you can put a few more lights in the living room to make them look like wall lights.

5. Install the dimmer.

If you don't want to add new lighting, then at least change the existing lighting, install the dimmer, and use the dim light to simulate the feeling of the hospital.

6. Change to thick curtains.

That's right, installing a thick curtain will give you the feeling of a thick cinema screen. Moreover, thick curtains can block external light and improve the acoustics of the room.

7. Hide the speakers and audio and video equipment.

In the theater, you can't see any audio and video equipment, so the audio and video equipment in the room is hidden. Speakers need to be replaced with in-wall speakers to avoid exposure. At the same time, set up a equipment room to hide other exposed audio and video equipment, such as amplifiers and players. Of course, the existing infrared remote control should be changed to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi remote control, so that it can penetrate the wall and transmit control commands to the device.

8. Raise the seat.

The curtains in the theater are all below our horizontal line of sight, so you need to improve your viewing position. To achieve this, you can lower the position of the TV set or raise the sofa. Raising the sofa can be achieved by creating a 6-inch platform under the sofa.

9. Upgrade the sofa.

Ordinary home sofas are hard to bring a cinematic feel, so you can choose to upgrade your sofa to a cinema sofa for added comfort and ambience.

10. Increase the wall decoration.

Most of the theater's walls are covered with ornaments, so you can do it in your own home. Of course, there is no need to fill the room and decorate it.

Want to know more about the living room theater, please read these two articles: "Living room theater? Why the home theater should be in the living room, "the living room theater formation process and precautions."

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