How to identify and download multi-channel HD movies?

[Home Theater Network] Can you read these "ciphertexts" hidden in the movie title?

Many friends are downloading movies to watch movies. Some children who want high quality movies want to download full HD movies. Some friends want to download 5.1-channel videos, but how do you know if the movies you want to download meet these requirements? The old snails below explain the basics so that you can easily enjoy high-quality movies.

The first is to search for the video you want to download (here, magnetic search, pt and other sites are introduced in more detail, there is no need to explain here), the title of the movie will appear in the index list, and there will be a lot of "hidden" in these titles. Information

How to identify download HD multi-channel movies?

The first example above is an example: Everly.2014.1080p.BluRay.REMUX.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1-RARBG.

The first is the movie name (Everly), then the release year (2014), then the video resolution (1080p), then the suppression method (REMUX), then the video coding standard (AVC), then the audio coding standard (DTS- HD), followed by channel track information (MA.5.1) and finally source information (RARBG).

It should be noted that not all movie titles are in this format. You don't need to delve into the meanings. Just understand what you want to pay attention to. The meaning of other specific parameters can be found in the China Home Theater Network.

The first thing that everyone pays attention to is the resolution of the video. Generally, it will be clearly written in the title or content of the movie. The common ones are 720p (1280×720, also known as HD), 1080p (1920×1080, that is, all). HD), there are still 4K (4 times 1080p) and even 8K in the future.

How to identify download HD multi-channel movies?

Another very important piece of information is: Is this movie a few channels?

This information is invisible from the above parameters. It is usually mentioned in the movie introduction, or it can be opened by using the player after downloading, and then the right mouse button to view the movie information, which will indicate several channels. The question is how can we identify a few channels before downloading, so as not to waste valuable time? The following old snails introduce several methods:

1. Look at the title. If the title contains "BluRay", "5.1", "7.1", "DTS", "AC-3" and so on, you can basically determine that it is multi-channel (AC-3 encoding standard is very old, a lot of 2.0 stereo The film is also this kind of encoding, so there is no guarantee that it is multi-channel, only possible);

2. Look at the size. The size of the movie file can largely know whether this movie is multi-channel or not. A Blu-ray original movie file should generally be above 10G. The BluRay Blu-ray standard is multi-channel, so if the movie size is 50G, Then there should be no problem. If there is only 1G or even a few hundred M, it is estimated that there is no drama. Multi-channel audio tracks take up a lot of space, too small files are directly excluded;

3. Look at the age. Too old movies are basically not multi-channel, even multi-channel should be re-created later, this can also be used as a reference;

4. It seems that the source. Generally, the videos shared by pt and Blu-ray websites are more likely to be multi-channel Blu-ray movies. The possibility of movies on some ordinary film and television websites is much smaller, because the user groups targeted by ordinary websites are less demanding users, and pt The website and Blu-ray movie website are aimed at users and enthusiasts who have high-quality audio and video needs.

Combined with the above points, you should be able to download the movie you need. Of course, we still recommend that you buy a Blu-ray player and purchase a genuine Blu-ray disc (100% full HD multi-channel), which saves a lot of troubles. Set up a multi-channel home theater and do a quietly enjoy a movie. If you still have questions, you can add me WeChat & QQ to share and share.

The above only represents the old snail's personal point of view. If you are interested in the home theater or if you have any problems during the debugging process, you are welcome to add WeChat: cnhifi, your support is our motivation.

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