Millet Box 2GB Enhanced Edition installs third-party software via U disk, watch live video tutorial

Millet box 2GB enhanced version through the U disk installation sofa housekeeper, this tutorial applies to the following system version 1.3.76 millet box and similar models

Installation process 1 Download the sofa butler installation file to U disk → 2 Open ADB and unknown source options → 3 App Store/user/U disk installation → 4 Complete the installation

1. Baidu searches for "Sofa Manager" and clicks on the top ranked search results to enter the sofa ().

Click "Download now" at the most prominent place on the homepage to download the latest version of the sofa butler apk installation package (360 browser pop-up download box please select "download to computer only"). You can also check out other brand TV box tutorials at the Home Tutorials portal.

You can also directly download the sofa butler apk installation package by clicking on the right link: Download a good apk installation package, please copy to U disk.
2. Open the millet box 2GB enhanced version of the application store - the user - U disk installation; (if you are using the old interface, please find: App Store - Application Management - U disk installation);
3, find the sofa butler's installation file, confirm open!

If you still can not read the U disk, it is recommended to format the U disk to FAT32 format (if there are other contents in the U disk, export and then format), or try another U disk.

If the installation fails, restart the device and try again by following the steps (may be useful). Still have questions please add the following sofa butler official QQ group.

Millet box 2GB enhanced version of other installation methods: http://

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