TCL TV A261 how to install third-party software tutorial through the TV application universal installer

TCL D40A261 smart TV how to install sofa butler TV application market, a key to download and install on-demand software such as APk?
The TCL D40A261 series smart TV installs sofa butlers through universal application of TV application . This tutorial is applicable to similar models such as TCL TV D40 (42/48/55) A261 etc.

Tip: After the TCL TV system is upgraded or restarted, there may be problems with the application of the sofa home, but it cannot be installed. It can also be solved in accordance with the tutorial.
Installation procedure introduction
1 Download Universal application for TV application (XP system needs to be installed with NET3.5)→2 Open TV record IP address information→3 Connect TV and PC with the same router→4 Input TV IP→5 Complete installation
Operation method details

1, download the installer

Download link: TV application universal installer

Note: Windows XP system must first install net.3.5,

NET.3.5 Download Address: Download Now

When running the installer, if you have anti-virus software on your computer that is risky, please quit or allow the installation first, because you know.

When the win8 system installation tool runs, it needs to click "Allow running":

2, TCL TV, enter the settings interface, find the network settings;

3, using a wireless connection (WIFI) as an example, view the IP address: In the network settings, find the connection on the SSID signal name, press OK;

4. Record the displayed IP address.

5. Decompress the "TV Application Universal Installer v1.1.1" file package on the computer and double-click to execute it;

6, run "TV application universal installer v1.1.1", enter the recorded TV IP in the address box, according to start the installation;

7, "TV Universal App Installer v1.1.1" will automatically connect and install the sofa butler to your TV, please wait a few minutes, as shown below, for the installation is successful;

If the installation fails, restart the TV and try again by following the steps.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly. Sofa butler official TCL smart TV exchange QQ group
36732027 .

After the sofa butler is installed, you can quickly install a variety of video, music, game applications, sofa butler - TV must have a lot of common applications, such as live broadcast can use HDP on demand pudding video .

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