When LG OLED TV 邂逅 HDR Technology: Strongest Partner Forms the Strongest Combination

From the major home appliance exhibitions at the beginning of 2016, we can see that HDR technology has become a new hot spot and new outlet for the color TV market this year. Although the big-name entry, consumers buy, and the market expectation is gratifying, everything indicates that the HDR technology is about to detonate the color TV industry, but unlike 4K and 8K, it can be easily understood through digital resolution; it also differs from the surface and ultra-thin With an intuitive look, HDR technology has always been like a veiled beauty that makes consumers feel ignorant. In fact, HDR technology is more of a selling point for companies and businesses in the end market in the short term. To truly release competitiveness in the long term, not only the technology itself, but also the system, software, hardware and content must match. .

LG launched the OLED TV G6 equipped with HDR technology at the 2016 China Household Appliances Expo. What exactly is HDR HDR's full name is: High-DynamicRange, meaning high dynamic range images. The high dynamic range outside the television field is nothing new. It has appeared in products such as digital cameras and mobile phones. Its technical principle is not complicated either: In HDR mode, the shooting device will quickly take multiple photos with different exposure values ​​and then combine them into one, which can make the contrast of light and darkness of photos more uniform and avoid excessive lightness or Under dark conditions, the effect of high dynamic range is achieved, helping the user to obtain clearer and more detailed photo effects in light and dark areas. TV HDR is more of a standard, or a format. Compared with SDR, HDR can make the picture more tolerant, the highlights will not be too bright and even pale, and the bleakness will not be dark and lose details. HDR technology can restore images closer to the dynamic range of the human eye and achieve a more realistic viewing experience.

Standard Dynamic Range Imaging (SDR) vs. High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR) For many TV products, who is the best partner for HDR? The HDR technology is visually sensible, even for ordinary viewers. Therefore, many manufacturers have adopted HDR technology on television products this year. But even so, not all television products can be a good match for HDR technology. After all, the use of HDR technology is not a single link but an entire ecosystem that relates to the display of images.
Showing perfect HDR requires two conditions. The first is high contrast and the second is excellent color expression. The LG OLED TV is different from the traditional liquid crystal display technology in that it eliminates the backlight source and realizes an organic self-luminescence for each pixel, which means that each pixel can be turned on or off independently and has an infinite contrast. Wide-range color gamut, as well as wide viewing angle and other advantages, so HDR can be fully played on OLED TV.

LG OLED TV with perfect HDR technology First of all, the most important thing for HDR is the contrast ratio. The lowest brightness that LCD TVs can perform is 0.1 nits, the brightest is between 500 and 1000 nits, and the contrast ratio is only 5000 to 1. If you increase the brightness to 1000 nits, you can only reach 10,000 to 1. The LG OLED can display a minimum brightness of 0.0005 nits (the lowest brightness that can be detected by a brightness measurement instrument at present), with a maximum of 500 nits, approximately 20 grades, a contrast ratio of 1 million to 1, and a minimum luminance of 0.0005 nit. ) is almost zero, so it is equivalent to having close to infinite contrast.

LG OLED TVs have excellent contrast between light and dark. Let's look at the performance of color. LCD TVs have a high coverage rate in bright environments, but color coverage drops sharply in dark environments. However, LG OLED TVs are not the same. No matter if they are in a bright environment or in a dark environment, the performance of the viewing area is uniform. So, HDR technology can only be used to the extreme in TVs with infinite contrast and excellent color performance like OLED TVs.

LG OLED TV has perfect color performance This year LG TV will provide more OLED TV options. 2016 TV new products will be equipped with HDR technology. The perfect combination of OLED and HDR is tantamount to the strong combination of TV technology. It can perfectly combine the technologies of the wide color gamut and the beautiful content to provide consumers with an engaging visual experience.

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