Huawei M310 quad-core CPU+16-core GPU is the strongest in the industry

HD enthusiasts, as of now, what kind of set-top box do you think is the most powerful? I think the Huawei M310 is the same as the “it” in your mind? Huawei M310 uses the most powerful quad-core CPU + 16 GPU combination configuration in the history, the core performance is very good, whether it is to see the mainstream format or 1080P video, or play a large-scale TV game, its running fluency is worthy of recognition. The Huawei M310 is now at a price of 488, and friends who like it deserve attention.

Huawei M310 slim appearance, size 656, 514mm, one hand will be able to get it, high-light mirror top design, pure white metal frame, full texture, get rid of the traditional needs of the antenna, equipped with dual-band WIFI, signal transmission interference , More stable; Huawei M310 Bluetooth remote control support, compared with the traditional infrared remote control, it does not need to aim at, not afraid of blockage, more convenient operation.

The Huawei M310 box is unique in terms of content. Saying goodbye to the era of less traditional TV programs, including 1080P Full HD movies, Hong Kong TV dramas, American dramas, Korean dramas, TV shows, variety entertainment, children's programs, concerts, animations, and other content are complete, film sources are continuously enriched, and TV programs are ad-free and can be controlled. What you want to see depends on what you want to see.

Huawei M310 is equipped with Android 4.1 operating system, 4GB of buffer space (relative to the 8G box space is a bit small), can simultaneously multi-task processing data, application rich and colorful; support 0 delay multi-screen interactive features, Huawei secret box M310 It can push pictures, music, videos, etc. on Android smartphones and IPhones to TVs. In addition, it can also run DLAN to share exciting content with everyone.

Description of Nylon Expandable Braided Sleeving For Wire Harness

Nylon expandable braided cable sleeve is sleeved by the ROHS polyester silk knitting .It has a good scalability, flame retardant, wear resistance and thermal insulation. Product surface are smooth, brightly-colored, great variety. Products are widely used in computer power cord, audio-video, automotive, aviation , wire and cable industries, It has protect and beautify the cables. Others can be customized according to customer demands including a variety of colors,patterns and all kinds of UV fluorescence color.

1. PA 6.6 Material, Light Weight & Flexible.
2. ecpandable type,Easy to Install, remove.
even if some with bulky or large connectors.
3. Abrasion Resistant and Flame redardant.
4. Totally expanded the sleeving can reach at least one point five times than the initial dimension.

Nylon Expandable Braided Sleeving

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