How attractive is the LED headlight market? These manufacturers are all ready to move.

According to industry survey reports, in the face of the huge and stable growth of the global automotive chip market, Taiwanese analog IC suppliers are also eager to explore the power management IC market such as LED lights, electric vehicles, ADAS systems, etc. Zhixin has launched its own LED lamp driver IC solution, and also cooperated with the Taiwan LED module factory to ship to the aftermarket, even the brand car factory.

As for the application field of electric vehicles, in the case of mainland brand car manufacturers who are interested in creating their own electric engine system, the system and the design of the system are all in their own hands. It also makes Jiefa, the new and courageous, go to the mainland market to negotiate specifications, and intends to develop customized simulation. IC solutions come to grab the market.

However, in the face of the slow and long product certification and inspection process of automotive chip customers, Taiwanese analog IC suppliers do not believe that the performance contribution of automotive-related chip product lines can grow significantly in the short term.

Taiwanese analog IC suppliers pointed out that the current global automotive analog IC market is still dominated by European, Japanese and American semiconductor manufacturers. Because of its geographical proximity to the waterfront, the market newcomers have a certain geographical advantage. Advantages, otherwise, it is almost impossible to knock on the door of the brand car factory.

As for the mainland brand car manufacturers, because they are mostly joint ventures, the checks on the relevant component supply chain are also strict, so there is no good shortcut to copy.

More opportunities are the mainland electric vehicle market, because mainland brand car manufacturers are mostly leading themselves, foreign joint ventures do not interfere too much, in some custom analog IC and power management IC specifications can be obtained in advance, and overcome high pressure The challenges of yield and chip life cycle, the Taiwanese analog IC design industry has the opportunity to go ahead and eat the relevant automotive chip orders.

As for the global LED lamp driver IC market, Taiwanese analog IC suppliers can take the lead in rushing, mainly with LED lights still belonging to the outside of the car, the tight integration with the main body is low, plus the operating voltage is only 60 volts, It is also far from the specifications of LED display lighting over 600 volts.

In cooperation with the LED module factories on both sides of the strait, there are many orders for LED car lights that are used in the brand car factory and after the installation. Therefore, as long as there are downstream customers who can successfully grab the orders of the brand car manufacturers, or ship them to the rear-loading equipment industry, the system Analog IC suppliers are naturally expected to benefit.

Recently, the market has announced that it has received orders for LED headlights, which is because the downstream display customers have turned to the global LED headlight market, which has been the first to succeed. As for the new, it is also cooperating with the cross-strait LED module factory to actively promote Customers and markets.

However, Taiwan's analog IC design manufacturers also admitted that the global automotive analog IC market opportunity is still a long-distance dream for Taiwanese manufacturers. After all, Taiwan's analog IC design company is currently less than the middle and high-level technology. The degree, coupled with the trustworthiness of chip quality, is far less than that of foreign companies. Some of the higher-priced analog IC market opportunities are almost insulated.

Although the analog IC solution with lower unit price has the opportunity, it has a long working time, high specification standards, and redundant development process. The final order is only a million units, which does not help the marginal contribution of the company's revenue growth. .

In the case of limited resources, Taiwanese analog IC suppliers are still concentrating on the R&D resources in the terminal markets with monthly demand of at least mega-cells such as mobile phones, tablets and wearable devices in the world, which is the short-term operation of the rescue company. Growing up is a tired elder.

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