TCL Quantum TV use evaluation

Look at the detailed remote control diagram of an instruction manual. From this diagram, you can roughly understand the function expansion of the remote control. The microphone, voice button, and mouse button... These keys will play a decisive role in the following smart operations:

Voice function: Take the TCL QD TV remote control as an example. The voice function of the remote control is comparable to siri, google now. It is a full range of voice assistants. It can replace the input method to search for the channel or video you want to see.


Set alarm

Set reminder events

Quickly open the app, many features, everything.

Mouse operation, this is a little sci-fi feeling, this key can be a remote control to become a remote mouse, with the OK key to perfect the task of the mouse. Circled in the picture is the mouse light spot.

Other extensions:

1, U disk player: insert U disk can quickly view the contents of the U disk, it is worth mentioning that TCL Quantum TV has 3 USB ports, of which 2 are USB2.0, 1 is USB3.0, USB3. 0 The biggest advantage is speed. In addition, it also supports access to the computer and turns into a high-definition display.

2. Ordinary video 2D to 3D: This function can be converted at any time through the menu key during video playback. With 3D glasses, you can watch 3D movies at any time.

This is the effect of naked eye watching after conversion.

TCL QD TV connection settings are relatively simple, and expand the interface more and more. The built-in remote controller perfectly replaces the set-top box remote controller, and the functions are astonishing. The voice and mouse control greatly enhance the user's convenience of use, and provide a variety of human-computer interaction methods.

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