Faster and smoother open Boer F5 super back to watch function measured

The sofa butler review "super review" is a TV watching function created by Kaiboer United Huada Media. Its main role is to provide users with a faster and smoother playback experience. To this day, many boxes in the KBL have been equipped with this function, but its related information on the Internet is too little. Today we have used the KBohr F5 4K box to see if the "Super Back" function is in the end. What is the matter?

Kai Bor F5 - Super back to see

Open Bor F5 - Super back to show demo

Open Bor F5 - Super back to show demo

Open the open Boer F5 to enter the super review function, its picture sharpness makes us shine, and the “Hyper” character at the top right of the picture reminds us all: What you see is high-definition programming. On the left side, the KBolle F5 Super Back View provides users with the content for the last seven days (played), and clicking to enter a channel will see the short-playing TV programs (short time delays). Let's look at other channels again. Playback screen.

Central 3 programs

Central 6 programs

Hunan Satellite TV

Switch channels

To say that the opener Boer F5's super-reading program is clear (that's very clear!), but switching channels has become a matter of considerable importance. Friends who like to watch shows are very concerned about the convenience of channel switching. Obviously this Kaibol F5 is not enough, the author tried many times, only a simple digital channel change (left channel does not attach the corresponding number), or the up and down keys to switch, the general type of the box through the menu button to call out the program selection The way to be more simple.

Europe and the United States

The program of the open-Borer F5 super review function was unexpectedly rich. It did not expect programs from Europe and the United States, as well as Japan and South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and a wealth of operas, etc., which were not available in the previous blog broadcasts. In fact, at the beginning of the super-viewing function, some people questioned it and thought that its function is similar to Bo's rebroadcasting. Here it is very good to tell him: The richness of content is not the same.

Kai Boer F5 Boeing - Central Program

Did you notice what time period program is currently playing in Kaibor’s F5 post playback function? It is the latest return program, which is the same as super review, but in reality it is not the case. Bo broadcast is generally played in the early morning hours. In other words, to watch the latest replays need to be adjusted manually, it is a bit troublesome.

Bo Broadcasting - Hunan Satellite TV

Kai Bo’s Bo’s Playback feature was previously known for providing high-definition programming. Just like the above pictures, the program is very clear and can be seen from the text, but the author needs to mention that it is not fluent enough. According to the author's repeated tests, Bo's rebroadcasting is relatively slow. In the process of actually playing a program, several pauses occur (the test environment is a mobile 10M bandwidth), but there is no such phenomenon in super-back viewing, of course. There is also a pain point when you look back at the super.

Super Look Back - Loading Interface

As you can see, there is a loading interface for super-viewing. If you really go to the super-review function page, the average waiting time is more than 5 seconds. Although there is no pause after that, every time you want to go back to the super-view, The waiting time is hard to tolerate.

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