Seiko Epson launches the latest driving recorder IC S2S65A30

Seiko Epson launches the latest driving recorder IC S2S65A30

Seiko Epson (Seiko Epson) released a standard design kit, equipped with the latest release of the latest driving recorder IC-S2S65A30; the driving recorder development kit provides open source code, which can reduce development time costs.

This design kit includes all the tools needed to support the latest driving recorder, including an S2S65A30 motherboard, an analog camera interface board, and a Linux-based driving recorder application. The accompanying drive recorder application provides open source code, which can be downloaded immediately on the Epson website. With the source code, this design kit can significantly reduce the time cost of developing a driving recorder.

The new design kit is equipped with Epson's most advanced S2S65A30, which is a driving recorder IC equipped with an ARM core; it can be connected to an analog camera through a CMOS camera interface board and video decoding interface board. Support various functions: such as recording two camera images at the same time, recording function (microphone required), SD or CF memory card can be selected to record video data, real-time recording or event triggered recording (accelerometer required), available Play video on PC via USB interface.

In addition, the design kit includes IAR System ARM development environment, complete IAR embedded work platform development tools (32KB KickStart version), IAR J-Link (JTAG-ICE), IAR Systems AB and other tools. This development and design kit will be officially available this month.

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