It is not so easy to enter micro whale VR can you grasp this opportunity?

When the stove stand is up, it is necessary to let the water boil. The micro whale takes another step in the field of VR, but this step may not be easy to return.

VR products

Last year, VR industry fires, micro whale also come together to make fun, 65 million U.S. dollar led the Silicon Valley VR company Jauat, after months of formal swords, micro whale technology with Jaunt iterative development of a two-and-a-half-year iterative virtual film camera NEO debut recently " The return of the king - the rise of boxing power "Professional boxing, this is a brush or a real gun?

Where is the VR fire?

The whole VR industry began to cover the copper odor of the capital market from last year. In addition to the repeated investment institutions, companies that claim to be giants are also losing money. Foreign countries such as Apple, Samsung and Sony Domestically, micro whale, Tencent, Xiaomi, etc. are rushing to layout, but...

Oh, what is VR for the user? The lotus in the mud is far behind the tentacles. So why did VR scream for so long but still fail to reach the user layer? We said together.

First of all, it is clear that VR is not as simple as taking a blindfold and watching video games. The more technology develops, the more complex and lengthy the industry chain becomes. VR is a much bigger industry.

For the time being, we have horizontally positioned the hardware and technology levels, and analyzed the vertical orientation of the content, horizontally covering industries such as hardware, systems, chips, and tools. The academics involved include optical and naked-eye 3D. Brain waves, neuromuscular electrical and so on. Vertically speaking, it includes games, movies, medicine, education, sports, e-commerce, real estate, simulated driving, motion capture, holographic projection, and panoramic camera. What is important is that horizontal and vertical movements must be intertwined with one another, and they must be mutually exclusive and indispensable.

At present, the entire industry has yet to enter the integration period. All investment, R&D, and enterprises are scattered. This is also a basic laying process. When all the infrastructure is complete, as long as there is an industry standard, it is the time of the outbreak. .

Can a tiny whale really take this step for the industry?

The character of a company often inherited the founder's genes. Uncle Li worked in the media industry for many years and has always been a foreigner of the latter's posture. As the head of the micro-whale and Chinese cultural fund, he seems to seldom do anything unsure.

In his investment landscape, he focused on three directions, the content-oriented entertainment industry, platform-based Internet platforms, and lifestyle. His real investment logic is based on content-driven, then derivative online and offline, followed by marketization. In fact, this may not be as persuasive as it is, and two examples familiar to everyone are cited. Good Voice, Chinese Talent Show, Bang List, and Kung Fu Panda all come from the Chinese culture.

So let's take a look at his layout in the VR field. First of all, from the longitudinal perspective, the above example proves that Chinese culture has the ability to create IP operations, but it is far from enough. In February 2012, it established the Oriental Dream Factory in cooperation with the “Dream Factory” of the United States to capture multiple Hollywood film production and distribution. Film and television animation and animation, etc., invested in Caixin Media in December 2013; Shanghai “Dream Center” was created in March 2014; and TVB, the largest TV institution in Hong Kong, was successfully staked in April 2015, which also helped the two-way development of Hong Kong and the Mainland. Great promotion effect. At the beginning of the year, it was important to hold hands on Huashi movies and set up an overseas distribution platform. It was also a major move in the internationalization of domestic films. In addition, it invested in e-commerce in temples, investing in the establishment of whale music, and 60 million in education. U.S. dollar investment banknotes; and sports, the body of the Olympics billions of billions of billions to add the allegiance of the Chinese team's copyright, 100 million gold investment Shengli family ... ... no doubt, the longitudinal perspective, the entire field of investment in the layout for the integration of the industry and Resources are being mobilized to establish a good foundation. Obviously, micro-whales are well-established.

Then take a look at the landscape, occupying the entrance to the living room economy, and the content-carrying terminal has a micro-whale TV. The micro-whales are CMC (Chinese Cultural Fund), CNR (Central People's Broadcasting Station), Alibaba, and Tencent for capital and resource integration. So in this scene in the living room, no matter how the future VR develops, the micro whale has a very big inherent advantage.

Let's talk about Jaunt, Jaunt is a well-known VR company in Silicon Valley. Jaunt was established in 2013. It is a leading company in VR industry that integrates hardware, software, tools, application development and content production. Jaunt has so far cumulatively raised more. 100 million U.S. dollars is the company that has obtained the largest amount of capital support in the film and television VR field. The strong investor portfolio also gives Jaunt unrivalled competitive advantages in brands, products, talent, technology and global markets. Its product "Jaunt ONE" after two years of testing, has become a groundbreaking product that breaks through the boundaries of the existing technology.

It can be seen that Chinese culture is involved in IP, content resources, offline extensions, and viewing of the terminal's entire industrial closed loop. For this event, the organizer is the Shengli family of Chinese cultural investment, and the carrier of content is a small whale TV and VR equipment. You said that when these resources are heated in a pot, will the chemical reaction take place?

This step is important not only for the micro whale but for the entire industry.

After VR has been fired this year, the surface does not seem to have a substantial improvement. There are more and more voices that sing and sing, but in turn, who would like to empty the concept?

Demand and trends are recognized, but they are still in the concept phase. This is the biggest contradiction in the entire industry. Undoubtedly, VR is entering the window period, but it is not a good thing for a market that has just been educated to stay too long.

Of course, this is also the process of emergence of industry leaders and echelons. Uncle Li needs a fight, but destined to be unable to return. The industry also needs such a leap. Enterprises that cannot afford to consume are the majority. This is also a rare opportunity for the uncle, the whale, and the Chinese culture. They urgently need to occupy the highlands.

Why did you say that you can win? For resources and funds, the above has been largely described. For Li Shu, it is also a non-fatal factor. It depends on the market to decide whether Li Shucheng loses or loses.

Then the market does not give Lai a chance. Let's take a look at the market reserve. The analysis company KZero data shows that the sales volume of global VR terminal equipment has shown an upward trend in 2015. In 2015, the revenue of VR hardware equipment will reach US$1.4 billion. In 2016, it will be estimated. It will grow to US$2.1 billion and will reach US$2.4 billion in 2017.

Behind the huge market size, hardware and software players are also very strong, Intel led Total Solutions Solutions Inc. Total Immersion; Google, Qualcomm and other US$540 million invested in Magic Leap; Microsoft launched HoloLens, Apple also recently acquired Metaio .

From the data and the strength of various players can be seen, the industry's huge temptation can not tolerate loneliness, or lonely time will not be too long, Li Shu carrying a micro-whale at this time onslaught, will win!

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