Electronic enthusiast network grandly launches 3G mobile phone channel

Electronic enthusiast network grandly launches 3G mobile phone channel

With the arrival of the 5.17 telecom day, with the issuance of China's 3G licenses, with the 3G business, the Tianyi business is heating up every day. . .

The electronic enthusiast network launched a 3G mobile phone network for the majority of friends: http: //

Main content of 3G mobile channels

3G industry news | 3G operator news | 3G mobile phone Daquan | 3G manufacturer news | 3G basic knowledge | TD SCDMA | WCDMA | 3G popular reading | 3G communication information and other columns.

The main purpose of 3G mobile channel

It still has the traditional technical style of electronic enthusiasts. It comprehensively introduces 3G basic knowledge, 3G technical standards, TD SCDMA technology, WCDMA technology, CDMA2000 and other technologies. And collected a lot of training materials and learning materials about 3G for netizens.

Main services of 3G mobile channels

The electronic enthusiast network will track and report the latest industry news related to 3G and the development of 3G manufacturers in real time, which will bring convenience to netizens.

3G mobile channel style and characteristics

The 3G channel of the electronic enthusiast network will adopt a new style different from the past. The green network method will be shown to everyone. For the simple style, please see the following picture:

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