Dwelling no small things: an oven 20 minutes contract nutritious breakfast

1 Single white-collar light meal: butter pig back to top

The PConline technique is the so-called "one day's plan is in the morning." The breakfast is not only to eat but also to eat well. The fast-paced office workers have to work hard at breakfast, although there are various kinds of sales on the street. There are a lot of breakfast choices, but "ditch oil" fried fritters, "pesticide exceeded" leek box, so worrying about the health of the environment, the quality of the breakfast you dare to eat it?

If it is simple and convenient to make breakfast at home, then the oven is the best choice. I'm tired of soy milk fritters, and occasionally I want to get some fresh ones. I have more appetite for myself and have quality assurance. This issue of "Don't Have Nothing to Dedicate" is a quick oven breakfast that can be completed in 20 minutes.

Speaking of using the oven to make breakfast, it can be described as a lot of good things. In addition to not being oily or healthy, it is a good helper to get up late. Get up in the morning and put the ingredients in the oven, adjust the time and temperature, do not look at the heat, not afraid to overcook. After brushing your teeth and changing your clothes, you can eat a delicious, high-strength DIY oven for breakfast.

Hong Kong style creamer (difficulty: easy)

The name of the butter pig is like the food related to “pigs”. It’s really not. This is a Hong Kong-style delicacy of condensed milk + butter + bread. The “pig” is a Hong Kong person who normally uses a pig bag. Named after the raw material. As a representative of the Hong Kong-style tea restaurant, the curry has always been loved by it, and it is said that it is good to eat it. The crispy taste of the creamy pig made by the oven is no less than that of the most magical pineapple oil in the tea restaurant.

Butter on bread

The homemade “creamy pig” practice is also very simple. It only needs any bread. According to your favorite thickness, due to material restrictions, the curry is made with ordinary toasted slices. After preparing the bread, you need to apply a proper amount of butter, of course. If you have no oil, you can do more, then put it in the preheated oven for 180 degrees and 10 minutes. After the oven is baked, add the sweetened condensed milk. Bring your own home-made "cream pig" with a glass. Instant milk tea, a simple and delicious breakfast was completed.

Cream toast

For a single white-collar family, the practice of creamy pigs is easy and full, and the self-made breakfast is simple and convenient, Panasonic JK100W is an essential choice, this is not an ordinary oven, it set steamed, baked, fried, fried , baking and other multi-function, fast-baking more professional, an oven can meet a variety of cooking needs, one must eat a little better, especially for lazy snake single nobles Oh!

Panasonic JK100W

2 couple sweet breakfast: tomato baked eggs back to top

Tomato Baked Eggs (Difficulty: Medium)

If you think that the creamy pig is too greasy and sweet, there are plenty of options for an oven that is more difficult to upgrade. Among them, the tomato stewed egg is a breakfast selection that contains both vitamin C and nutritious perfect score. Use a smooth tomato with a smooth bottom, cut in half from the middle, scoop up the tomato pulp with a spoon (you can leave spaghetti in tomato sauce), and put the eggs in tomatoes and sprinkle with a pinch of salt. Grain, black pepper can be put into the oven, get up and down fire 200 degrees 15 minutes, you can eat delicious tomato stew it!

Two steps are simple

In the same way, you can use the oven to make heart-shaped sausage eggs, toast and baked eggs at the same time. It's a good breakfast full of sweet and delicious foods. It is absolutely full and full!

To do different patterns of oven breakfast, I believe many of my friends are still tangled the problem of the oven, do not think that the current oven features a single, manufacturers can be smart, and now there are many microwave oven + oven combo on the market a good choice, Panasonic NN-D366W is such a multi-functional product that can bring up and down the fire professional quick-bake experience, small size and space-saving, especially for newly-married couples to bake a small fun breakfast, young couple vacation can play with the kitchen Game slightly.

3 Family Health Food: Toast Grip, Dumpling Peel Pizza Back to Top

Thick toast sandwich and dumpling pizza (difficulty: harder)

For "The King of Meats," breakfast occasionally has to come to something special. Apart from the Northwest Cuisine, it is also possible to make a healthy, delicious, and fast toasted version of the meat clip at home. The process is simple and full of flesh. If you are a standard amateur, don't miss it.

Prepare two ordinary toast slices in advance and cut the sides. Apply a little egg liquid on three sides of the slices and put it in a fresh-keeping bag. Use your palm to squeeze the three sides of the toast with the egg squeezing and remove the toast. Used as a "bag" and put in its favorite ingredients. This time the curry was made with bacon strips, green peppers, liquid egg, and cheese as a filling. After completion, it is put in a household oven and baked for 10 minutes. It is adjusted to fire 210 degrees above and below, and then cut the bread corners and put it in the oven and put it into the oven, and then burn it at 190 degrees for 5 minutes. Eat and not greasy "meat clip" it!

Thick toast clips

In fact, in addition to "meat clips," use the morning to get up and brush your teeth to change clothes this gap, as long as your home has a universal oven, but also make adults and children love the crispy thin bottom pizza! Relax, oh, the bottom of the cake really do not have their handkerchief, curry has a lazy little coup, that is when dumplings are always left dumplings. Compared to the pancakes that can be bought in the supermarket, apart from the convenience of the bottom of the dumplings, there is also a benefit of a pizza, which is a good one!

First of all, the dumplings are laid flat and a layer of butter is baked to make them crisper. The ingredients that you like to eat are ketchup, green peppers, onions, bacon, sausages, and finally a layer of cheese. Put it in the oven and bake it for 210 degrees for 15 minutes.

Dumpling skin pizza

Siemens oven HB23AB522W is very suitable for making the above two breakfast, this product is accurate and low temperature current is 10A, which is the best choice for saving electricity. It is very professional home baking, 62L large box capacity, suitable for embedded cabinet design It is especially suitable for cooking foods with higher degree of difficulty. It can be used for baking more nutritious breakfasts at a time. No matter if you have children or elderly people, you can eat it full!

Siemens oven HB23AB522W

Modern people are demanding a fast pace of life, and the oven is not just about baking chicken and cakes, but also improving the quality of life. Unique high-temperature roasting skills, as long as you are willing to take a careful thought, the oven can also make a delicious healthy nutritious breakfast for 20 minutes, and my mother no longer has to worry about my late arrival at work!

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