Ten application cases of virtual reality technology

VR gives people a sense of immersion and has an unparalleled advantage over traditional entertainment. The ideal VR makes it impossible to distinguish between reality and virtuality. VR leaders believe that VR can change people's lifestyles. This article selects the ten most successful classic cases of VR and feels the magical experience brought by VR.

In the past, those in the VR field have done two things very well: one is to look for VR's immediate market application, and the other is to invest 100% energy to resonate with users.

These VR leaders have spent so much manpower, material and financial resources to promote VR because they believe that VR can completely change people's lives like TVs, personal computers, and smart phones. VR is considered to be the next generation of entertainment. The terminal form has the incomparable advantage of traditional entertainment: immersion. The ideal VR can make people wonder what is reality and what is virtual.

In fact, many industries have already benefited from the benefits of VR. The following 10 market cases have been selected for the most successful use of VR.

1. Coca-Cola Virtual Sleigh Tour

In Christmas 2015, Coca-Cola created a gorgeous virtual sled in Poland. By using the Oculus Rift, people can immerse themselves in the virtual reality world and play the day of Santa Claus. In this virtual sled experience, the experiencer can drive a snowmobile across Poland to visit the villages like a real Santa Claus.

2, McDonald's Happy Meal Headset

McDonald's Happy Meal Headset

Happy Meal Headset is like McDonald's like cardboard glasses for Google. McDonald's Happy Meal Headset was first launched in Sweden. With Happy Meal Headset, people get the basic VR experience. McDonald's also tailored a virtual reality ski game for Happy Meal Headset.

3, Michelle Obama's VR video

Michelle Obama's VR video

The White House once invited The Verge to film a 360-degree panoramic VR video for First Lady Michelle Obama. In this video, Mrs. Obama talks about her efforts to keep exercising on a healthy diet. (In the past two sessions, there were representatives from Yunnan who used VR video to show the poverty and backwardness of parts of Yunnan.)

4, VR documentary of the New York Times

New York Times VR documentary

The war has displaced 30 million children. The New York Times captured this sad fact and filmed a related VR immersion documentary. At the same time, the New York Times and Google jointly freely provide Google Cardboard glasses and corresponding VR App to readers of the New York Times.

5, Boursin virtual reality marketing

As a world-renowned cheese supplier, Boursin combines virtual reality with marketing. Provide consumers with a tasteful cheese brand experience journey through video.

6, Topshop virtual reality T-stage clothing show

Topshop is a famous British fashion brand. Topshop's flagship store in London offers Lucky Google the exclusive 360-degree panoramic virtual reality experience of the fashion catwalk, which is considered to be a model of history and VR.

7, Volvo virtual reality driving test

Virtual reality driving is a very rewarding thing, especially when you don't have a car rental business around you. The famous car manufacturer Volvo provided a corresponding virtual reality experience app when it released its latest XC90SUV. Through this app, the user seems to be sitting in the driver's seat of the XC90SUV to experience the driving pleasure of the new car.

8, Patron's VR product tour

Patron's VR product tour

The world-renowned spirits manufacturer Patron has produced a virtual reality short film about the whole process of its product production, showing users the natural industrial process of Parton in the field of spirits production.

9, Miles's Trailscape

To support the sale of new hiking shoes, Mele has created a virtual reality experience that brings users into dangerous mountaineering and is named Trailcape. Participants will take a virtual reality helmet and walk alone on a platform, experiencing an unprecedented mountaineering journey with immersive VR images in sight.

10. The Teleporter at the Marriott Hotel

The Teleporter at the Marriott Hotel

Have you ever imagined that whenever you want, you can be transferred to a paradise beach? Marriott, a famous American hotel brand, uses virtual reality to solve this illusion for their hotel users. Marriott and two well-known VR product service providers have partnered to develop a high-resolution 4DVR travel experience

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