You must think that Roomba is a sweet little angel.

The sweeping robot Roomba is a sweeping little hand, and the gray confetti in the house is cleaned up in minutes. Its product introduction is like this:

Roomba's body has a button for regular cleaning time, which can be set automatically and automatically at any time of the week. It can also go down the wall roots and drill down to the bottom of the furniture, so that the dust that we usually can hardly touch is also wiped out. Roomba automatically detects the surface of the floor, from carpet to hard floor, or from hard floor to carpet, it automatically adjusts the cleaning mode. After Roomba has cleaned a room, the Lighthouse Virtual Wall will automatically direct it to another room for cleaning. When the Roomba's battery is about to run out or the task is completed, it will automatically return to the charging base station to charge.

Seeing this, you must think that Roomba is a sweet little angel. But! If the "shovel officers" feel that they are blessed from then on, then it is a big mistake. Because, when Roomba meets a pet, it will really surprise you.

Recently, Facebook user Jesse Newton talked about something that makes people laugh and cry. Not only does he have a Roomba sweeping robot, but he also has a puppy called Evie. Jesse Newton is scheduled to clean up the room at 1:30am every day, as it allows for family activities and rest, and the family can enjoy a clean interior after getting up. However, one night last month, his puppy Evie pulled the poop onto the carpet. After that, Jesse Newton suffered an unprecedented “poop-end crisis”: the industrious Roomba robot found the shit on the living room floor. After that, it launched its all-round cleaning program. When Newton woke up the next day, he was completely shocked by the sight: Roomba left a trace of poop in every corner of his room.

Jesse Newton wrote on his Facebook:

The stool appears on the floor, on the furniture legs, on the blanket, and on the child's toy box. . . . . . As long as it is near the floor, it will be stained. The sweeping robot, with its cool wheels, left a 25-foot stool mark in my room. Then, when your 4 year old puppy climbs into your bed at 3 am, you still don't know why he smells like a shit. When you walk into the living room, you will find that the Roomba's green light is still on, you will think everything is normal. But when you realize what is happening, you will quickly be awakened in confusion.

Jesse Newton also painted the "masterpiece" that Roomba left behind.

Readers will definitely feel a distressed Jesse Newton here. But Roomba maker iRobot is unusually calm. In an interview with the Guardian, an iRobot spokesperson said:

This is not the first time this has happened. In fact, we have seen more of this. In general, our approach is to tell users who have pets not to turn on the timing function. Because of the animals, everything is possible.

At the same time, iRobot also answered the relevant questions raised by CNET by email:

Most pet owners are very grateful to Roomba for its ability to quickly remove pet hair, but they rarely experience this "poop crisis." In this regard, we instruct users not to turn on the timing function when there is no monitoring. However, in order to solve this problem, Roomba may add a special sensor or visual recognition system.

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