Taipei's "scenery" is infinitely good! Try to set up solar energy and wind street lights with charging function

Combined with renewable energy power generation equipment and batteries, lighting facilities can be more environmentally friendly. Daan Forest Park in Taipei, Taiwan, has set up a wind-powered solar street light, with a storage box and two sets of USB charging docks, which are not only available for lighting, but also provide USB charging function to benefit the public.

In response to the Tainan earthquake in Taiwan, China on February 6 this year, the Taipei City Government enacted the Taipei City Disaster Prevention Park Advancement Plan in April 2016. In conjunction with the strengthening of the lighting and electrical equipment of the disaster prevention park, and the implementation of the policy of promoting renewable energy, and the need to consider the charging service of mobile equipment, the Parks Office of the Works Bureau decided to set up an experimental test behind the seating area of ​​the music station of Daan Forest Park. Wind-powered solar street light, the first complementary streetlight for the charging of mobile devices.

Taipei's "scenery" is infinitely good! Try to set up solar energy and wind street lights with charging function

â–² Wind Solar LED Street Lights are equipped with 2 USB charging docks. (Source: Taipei City Government Works Bureau)

According to the Street Lights Division of the Park, the LED street lights that light up for 6 hours a day combine the functions of straight-axis wind power and solar panel power generation. The battery and USB charging stand can also be used for charging mobile devices, which is convenient for people who come to Daan Forest Park to visit. The street light is also connected in parallel with the mains. If the battery is low, it will automatically switch from the mains supply to ensure stable power supply and maintain the built-in battery.

The park said that in the future, it will continue to negotiate with manufacturers to develop various types of renewable energy charging stations and promote them to other parks in Taipei.

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