Wushen Banner Yinchuan District Stationery Station Tender Service Announcement

Project Name Wuxian County Yinchuan District Station Station Service

Item Number-CCDE-0003033
I. Tender conditions
This service project has fulfilled the relevant approval and filing procedures as required. The funds have been implemented and the conditions for tendering have been met.
II. Overview and scope of tender
2017-2018 Chuanqing Drilling Changqing Drilling Corporation No. 5 project area, approximately 30 drilling rigs, the fifth project department before drilling, and Wushenqi of Inner Mongolia, Etuokeqi, Ningxia Yinchuan regional professional company station station must be stationed The number of light vehicles at the well station is used for production protection and it is proposed to select service providers through open bidding.
(1) Drilling team stationed well service; (2) Pre-drilling service assigned by the project department; (3) Professional company station station assigned service.
III. Bidder qualification requirements
1 A company with independent legal personality or other economic organization; 2 It has a road transport business license issued by the transportation administration department; 3 The business reputation is good and has not been assessed as unqualified or frozen by the annual performance evaluation of CNPC and its affiliates. Qualified; 4 with Jiangling or Isuzu pickup, Jiangling light truck, Toyota 2700 and Toyota Highlander off-road vehicles or other vehicles of similar performance no less than the above-mentioned vehicles 52 and above (including pickups at least 11 vehicles, light trucks at least 35 vehicles , Toyota 2700 at least 4 vehicles, Toyota Highlander at least 2), and at least 26 vehicles for its own vehicles; 5 No collusion bids within the last three years or administrative punishment by the relevant administrative supervision department to stop tendering, no serious breach of contract Or the occurrence of general and above traffic safety accidents; 6 The business reputation is good. It has not been assessed as unqualified or frozen in the 2016 annual performance evaluation of China National Petroleum Corporation and its affiliates; 7 The bidding project will not be prequalified. 8 Other conditions stipulated by laws and administrative regulations.
IV. Acquisition of tender documents
Bidding Document Release Date: December 30, 2008 at 08:00:00

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