WLAN becomes a strategic choice for differentiated operations after reorganization

WLAN becomes a strategic choice for differentiated operations after reorganization

Author: Hangzhou H3C company Guo Gang

Due to policies, frequency bands, operating modes and other reasons, the progress of WLAN in China has been twisted and twisted. However, after entering 2008, with the reorganization of telecommunications and the full liberalization of full-service operations, WLAN is expected to break through many restrictions and become an important piece of differentiated competition among operators.

As early as 2000, various operators had set off a wave of WLAN construction. WLAN signals were densely spread in "hot spots" led by airports and hotels, mainly for business customers. Among them, China Telecom also formed a "Tianyitong" for WLAN business. Brand. In 2007, the Yangtze River Delta region has begun to promote WLAN cross-provincial roaming business, and the construction of WLAN in the southern provincial telecommunications company has accelerated. Telecom conducted the first centralized WLAN equipment procurement in 6 years, and gathered more than 20 manufacturers for a time.

Unlike the past, the new round of WLAN boom is showing new strategic needs.

Breakthrough in differentiated competition

After the reorganization of the operator, the fixed-line operator will obtain a mobile license. If it is a price war to enter the mobile communication market, it will be a lose-lose option, so it is necessary to find a means of differentiated competition.

In the mobile broadband market, China Unicom took advantage of the CDMA system's bandwidth advantages and suddenly developed more than 1 million data users through the CDMA data card in the hot year of stock trading last year. This single victory record is likely to become a breakthrough in differentiated competition. After obtaining the CDMA network, the differentiated "ace card" of high bandwidth will become the first choice for telecommunications.

To play this card first, you need to consider the time and cost. China Telecom immediately faced time and cost pressures to upgrade to CDMA2000, and the combination of CDMA + WLAN can give full play to the combined advantages of CDMA and WLAN and quickly open up the mobile broadband market. Accelerate the deployment of existing WLAN hotspots, and set up a high-bandwidth supplemental tool, WLAN, at the bottleneck of possible bandwidth requirements in the future, in order to lay the foundation for broadband wireless data in the near future.

Once Telecom obtains a mobile license, it can focus on the combined advantages of the fixed network and the CDMA network. At present, users have a large number of Centrino notebook computers, PDAs, mobile phones (such as iPhone) that support WLAN, dual-mode mobile terminals that support WiFi / CDMA or WiFi / PHS, and data cards, which will attract some data customers in a short time. Turning into a telecommunications user and continuously attracting new users who need high bandwidth, this long-term competitive advantage is expected to be effective within 3 years.


While operators are busy developing services, they also need to take precautions to seize wireless frequency resources.

As we all know, the 2.4G frequency band used by WLAN is a freely used frequency band, while the other frequency band 5.8G frequency band often needs to be approved by the local non-committee. Whether it can be approved depends on whether there are military and other civilian approved radars around. Use units.

If operators do not seize as soon as possible and lose the opportunity for frequency resources, this advantageous scarce resource will be gone. Just like property resources, once a consensus is reached with the property and the owner and a set of WLANs is deployed, it will be difficult for other operators to enter.

Meeting user needs is the key

For policy reasons, individual WLAN services cannot yet be implemented. But user needs do exist. According to incomplete statistics, there are as many as 400,000 parallel iPhones used on the Internet, which means that at least 400,000 users have WLAN needs.

The H3C Operator Solutions Department analyzed that about 15 million mobile phone users have a relatively high demand for high bandwidth and urgently need high-speed wireless access, willing to upgrade or replace wireless terminals; about 80 million to 100 million mobile phone users are interested in high bandwidth It can be seen that there is a large number of potential upgrade needs accumulated in the huge user base at present. It is a pity if this potential energy is not well guided by the situation.

At present, China Telecom has accumulated tens of millions of data customers through all information service brands such as "My eHome" and "Business Pilot". This part of customers also have a strong demand to "get online". Once appropriate means are provided, Such as roaming, package discounts, etc. will break out the uncontrollable "avalanche" demand.


While considering the WLAN with the traditional "construction-profit" approach, fixed-line operators should also see the strategic value of WLAN. The combined development of WLAN is an inevitable choice for maintaining the leading edge in the era of post-reorganization of telecommunications. After all, customers only care about the experience, not the technology behind them. WLAN will cultivate the first customers in the mobile broadband market, and its good experience will lay the foundation for cultivating loyal users in the future 3G and 4G markets.

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