Things you may be interested in about CES show and VR!

Things you may be interested in about CES show and VR! From Baidu VR

On January 5th, the CES show is about to begin. Xiaobian can foresee that there will be no shortage of VR companies' exhibitions in the past two days. After all, this is the time for the annual public relations revelry. Many companies are waiting for their own big tricks, just waiting to be announced at the CES show. For Chinese manufacturers, the huge exposure and high popularity have far exceeded the product display.

Before the dazzling information hazy, do you know about CES?

The stalls also have three sixs and nines.

The CES exhibition hall does not equal the CES stage center. The CES arena is left with information such as the Mercedes-Benz Autopilot concept car F 015, Intel's next-generation computing platform, Sony Smart Glasses SmartEye Glass, a $6,000 Lamborghini mobile phone, and the LG curved screen mobile phone G Flex2.

No matter which one you have to buy with money

CES is divided into standard booths, light and angular positions. Different companies will choose booths based on their own size. Not to mention bad corners, some mobile phone line manufacturers in Shenzhen have bought corners, but locals are small but can also be overcrowded.

Most of the small businesses in China can only use the China Pavilion and Asian production areas of the Las Vegas Hotel Pavilion. The booth is 9 square meters, and the agency’s quotation is about 42,000 yuan. In 2014, this price was 30,000 yuan.

In Guangdi, professional exhibition area is US$9,200 per 18 square meters. The international exhibition area (Xiamen Exhibition Hall) is 3,100 yuan per square meter, if it needs 9 square meters, it is 27,900 yuan.

Is this a casino or Huaqiang North?

CES is the top show, but technology giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Alibaba have all been absent.

In 1992, after Apple's former CEO John Sculley released Newton, the world’s first handheld computer, at CES, Apple never attended any of the CES shows.

CES has become one of the largest, highest-level and most influential consumer electronics products exhibitions in the world. In recent years, it has been captured by Shenzhen. The things below $100 are basically made in the Pearl River Delta region of China. For components over $100, the components that were dismantled are still made in the Pearl River Delta.

In 2015, in the popular drone area, half of the 14 drone manufacturers were made in China.

At CES 2016, a booth of an electric skateboard company in China was searched by the United States judicial police on the spot. The company’s display of a product was deemed to have infringed another company’s patent rights.

Feng Shui turns

In 2014, the smart watch Pebble was extremely popular at CES. Now the brand has been closed down.

At CES 2015, 3DHead was called "Oculus killer" and disappeared.

Virtual Reality gains momentum

If you want to participate in CES, you must submit your application half a year in advance.

There are more and more Chinese VR companies entering the CES show. For this year, it is roughly estimated that there are 47 companies associated with virtual reality. Increased 77% year-on-year.

Most of the virtual reality and augmented reality companies are focused on Tech East's South Hall Level 1.

Oculus showed a prototype of Rift's head-mounted display at CES 2013 that has not yet been produced.

After a few months of CES 2014, Facebook acquired OculusVR for $2 billion.

At 2015 CES, Razer joined the war situation. The vendor claimed to have avoided Oculus's patented technology, and unlike Oculus's closure, it open sourced hardware and software to developers.

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