20 questions to buy and buy AirPods

I believe many friends are very interested in the recently listed Apple AirPods, but first you need to buy! This is the most "immediately anxious" thing, but the author still grabbed one in the first time, but did not grab or prepare to buy a friend will need to wait more than six weeks.

Delivery time has been delayed by 6 weeks

However, many friends still have a lot of doubts about this headset product. What kind of headset is this? How is the ease of use? In the end can not easily fall out? These questions are actually concerns of consumers. Therefore, the author and the fitness enthusiasts jointly listed more than 20 questions for readers. There are some ordinary consumers who are concerned about issues such as price, purchase, and ease of use. Sex, etc., there are some concerns for fitness enthusiasts: For example, is it easy to lose when doing sports? What should I do if I get wet with sweat? Let's take a look at the analysis.

This time from the beginning of the purchase proposal began to talk about, and finally interviewed the fitness up to see his views on this AirPods headset.

AirPods structure analysis

1. Where can I buy AirPods?

The author suggested that they must be purchased in the government, but now it takes 6 weeks to wait. The major e-commerce companies do not have the official licensed version, and users who are anxious to experience can increase their price by a few hundred to over a thousand yuan. But the author wants everyone to know that this headset is not a "just needed" product, so the increase is only temporary, as long as Apple's official website a heavy volume to buy, I believe the price will soon come down, it is also a very appropriate time to start again.

2. What accessories are included in AirPods?

The first is the main body, AirPods, which is inside the box; the instructions and warranty card are then placed in the paper box. On the back of the packaging cushion is a data cable.

3. How long can I use AirPods to charge my headset?

According to the official website, charging can be used for 5 hours at a time. The charging box can provide 24 hours of battery life. Charging 15 minutes can bring 3 hours of battery life.

AirPods life instructions

4, AirPods matching method:

Must be in the case of unlocking the iPhone, can be paired, matching is also very simple, just: 1, open the Bluetooth. 2. Open the headphone box cover. 3, then there will be pairing tips on the iPhone. 4. Press and hold the round button at the back to pair.

5, landing iCloud

The first pairing will allow iCloud to log in. The advantage of doing so is that as long as you use an iCloud account you can adapt the device you have logged in to, reducing the number of pairings. However, some older devices that do not support the handoff feature need to be paired separately.

6, headphones in the charging box

The AirPods headset will be automatically disconnected in the charging box, but it will not be unbound. After opening the box, a connection prompt will appear and the connection will be automatic.

7, lock screen can be connected?

The lock screen will automatically connect after opening the charging box on a black screen, but the phone will not unlock the screen because the AirPod headphones are connected.

8. Can I connect across platforms at the same time?

The author tried a bit, in addition to landing iCloud authentication equipment, does not support cross-platform simultaneous connection.

9. Does AirPods have noise reduction?

It knows when you spoke. Speech Acceleration Sensor recognizes when you are talking and works in unison with a pair of microphones that use beamforming technology to filter out outside noise and lock your voice clearly.

AirPods noise reduction instructions

However, noise reduction is not supported during music playback.

10. Will the sound stop when you remove a headset?

This can be set in the Bluetooth option, automatic ear detection is turned on: take off a headset and stop sounding. Automatic human ear detection off: Even if the two headphones are taken down, the sound will still play. Place the lid in the charging box to stop the sound because the connection was interrupted.

11, in addition to tapping AirPods can trigger Siri mechanism, what function, sensitivity?

In addition to tapping the AirPods twice to trigger Siri, you can also set music playback in settings: pause/play. Sensitivity is still possible, but it requires some skills: for example, you must strike the headphone and tap it with a little force, which can greatly increase the success rate.

12. The gap between the use of Android devices or other Bluetooth devices and Apple devices.

In other non-Apple devices is an ordinary Bluetooth headset, the connection method is: let the charging box close to the Android terminal, open the Bluetooth, hold down the round of the identification button, this will appear in the device terminal Bluetooth identification, as long as the connection You can. Of course, this headset's sensor will not work, including voice acceleration sensors, optical sensors and motion acceleration sensors. Of course, tapping is also lost.

13, sound quality simple evaluation:

Because I particularly like to listen to music, through a few very representative front-end comparison: Apple's mobile phone: iPhone SE, Android phone: vivo Xplay6, professional player I chose FiiO X5 generation, very sorry that only The FiiO X5 has built-in apt-X technology, but the headset does not support it. In the sense of hearing, I think this headset is biased in the high-frequency, the sound belongs to the vocal relatively front, the sound field is not, the IF because the new headphones feel more exciting. Low-frequency, suitable for listening to popular songs, but for the business people to answer the call is completely adequate.

Test equipment: iPhone SE, Android phones: vivo Xplay6, professional player FiiO X5 three generations

14, support does not support apt-X technology?

Unfortunately, this AirPods headset does not support the latest apt-X technology, mainly apt-X technology requires receiver support, iPhone does not support apt-X technology, so AirPods does not support is also reasonable.

apt-X technology

15. Are the two headsets the same weight?

The two headphones are completely identical in their internal components, so the weight is the same.

16. Is there a difference between the sounds of different devices?

Because there is no Apt-X technology, the sound quality on the transmission is exactly the same.

17. How do I listen to music outdoors and then suddenly come to the phone?

In fact, one of the most common uses in the outdoors is as a Bluetooth phone, especially when it is inconvenient for a driver to answer the phone. If you are listening to music at this time, if a call comes in, how can you do it? The concert that is currently being played is automatically paused. After that, you can tap the headset only twice to answer the call. It is very convenient; after the end, the paused concert continues to play.

18, lost a headset how to do?

Apple did not provide an independent AppleCare+ for AirPods, but only provided a one-year warranty, the same as other Apple products. If AirPods has a problem within one year of warranty, Apple will provide services free of charge. After a 1-year warranty service, AirPods charges Apple $69 for each repair. If AirPods loses or damages one, Apple can “buy” one for US$69 (approximately RMB450), regardless of whether AirPods are insured.

AirPods headset repair prices (quoted from Apple's official website)

From the picture above, you can see that the maintenance price of AirPods is not the same, first battery maintenance is 49 US dollars (equivalent to about 330 yuan), the loss of warranty is 69 US dollars (equivalent to 450 yuan), lost a single headset to buy The cost of one is 69 US dollars (equivalent to 450 yuan).

19. How to find it immediately when it falls on the snow?

I believe that many friends are in a snowy area. If a headset accidentally falls on the snow, it is difficult to tell. How can we find it immediately? First of all you are looking for a louder sound, such as Justin Bieber's music, this very obvious sound is believed to let you immediately find the headset dropped to the ground.

20, for what kind of people to buy AirPods?

Like apple products fruit powder, driver, driver, fitness enthusiasts

21. How is it compared to other Bluetooth headsets?

The author here can play the ticket, said, in addition to sound quality, can stand on top of all Bluetooth headsets. The simple evaluation of the sound quality can be seen in Article 13.

22. When playing music, one picks it off, and the other picks it off.

There is also a small detail, that is, when playing music, take an earplug as the default pause music playback (will automatically continue to play after wearing), both took off to stop playing (will not automatically play after re-wear , need to be manually set).

23. How stable is it?

I believe readers will be clear after reading this set of GIF images.

You can see that all sports AirPods are very stable

Fitness trainer's opinion:

The author chatted with the fitness instructor and asked him some questions about wearing headphones when he was exercising:

Fitness Coach Try AirPods

1, Hello, would like to ask how to wear this headset?

Fitness trainer: This headset is still very comfortable to wear, because the need to wear comfortable exercise can be effective training, AirPods is first of all without any constraints, to wear firm and comfortable, even if strenuous exercise like boxing is also very strong, this point It made me feel very strange.

Fitness Coach Try AirPods

2. What do you value most when exercising?

Fitness instructor: Of course, it is wearing and music. I only listen to a ring. In fact, the environment in the gym is still very good and relatively quiet, so listening to the songs will not damage the ears. At the same time, this headset is not completely in-ear type, and the ambient sound is heard. It is also very important. At the same time, this headset has no sense of change in sound quality even if sweat enters, which is very amazing.

Fitness Coach Try AirPods

3. Do you usually carry your mobile phone with you?

Fitness trainer: Because you will exercise your body when you are exercising, if you are in the pocket, there will be inevitably, it will usually be on the table. This headset can also maintain a very good connection in long-distance transmission. It will not be interrupted.

Edit summary:

You will see that here, this Bluetooth headset is very convenient to connect, and it can have a good solidity (estimate this is everyone's main concern), fitness coach's own experience also shows that this is indeed Is a fitness aid "weapon." And as the most used daily call feature is to experience the extreme, it can be said that this is a thick apple flavor products. I recommend recently paying attention to the friend of the high-priced Bluetooth headset.

[This article comes from the Tencent News client from the media, does not represent the views and positions of Tencent News. 】

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