The world's largest LG3D LCD TV LEX9 arrived

In 2010, it seems to be a veritable “3D first year” in the broadcast and television industry. It not only spurs the audience’s vision with a large 3D name, but also this trend has moved from a big screen to a small screen. 3D TVs and 3D monitors have sprung up in the market. In May, some 3D TVs are no longer “still immersed in half-faced” and begin to enter the appliance store to accept consumer reviews. Recently, when reporters visited some appliance stores in the city, they found that these 3D TVs that were listed first became the absolute popular products of the store. Many consumers are interested, or stand or sit in front of the TV and wear special glasses to experience 3D movies. salesperson.

Among the many 3D TVs that are on sale, the most eye-catching non-LG LEX9 is the world's largest 3D LED TV. As the flagship product of LG Electronics, the world's second largest TV company, the reputation of this product is really unusual. Due to the integration of IOL Full LED, 400Hz and other super-class technologies, LEX9 has become a star product before it is listed. Unanimous recommendation. Nowadays, when I really see the real thing of the LEX9 in the store, I can't help but be shocked by the imposing momentum brought by its 72-inch large-size screen and thin and ultra-narrow design style.

Make the 3D audiovisual experience more accessible

Among the current 3D TV products, the product models of the size of 55 inches and below are mainly used, which is more suitable for the average consumer. However, some high-end consumers have higher requirements on screen and picture quality, and hope to experience the vast 3D audio and visual effects on a larger screen. The LG 3D LED TV LEX9 is equipped with a 72-inch IPS hard screen, which obviously meets the requirements for large-size screens.

In terms of 3D rendering, LEX9 is the most mature shutter 3D display technology available. Combined with LG's new direct-type FULL LED backlight technology, the highest multi-frequency 400HZ technology, and dynamic remote control technology, it can bring consumers a more shocking and more realistic 3D experience. No wonder the industry will call LEX9 "The brightest pearl in the crown of 3D TV."

A new generation of FULL LED image quality is better

The LED itself is bright enough, small in size, green and energy-saving, and contains no mercury. It is an ideal backlight. In 2009, LED TVs using direct-lit and side-in LED backlight technology were introduced to the market and quickly became popular among consumers. In 2010, LED backlight technology achieved a new upgrade.

The LEX9 uses a new direct-lit FULL LED backlight, which combines the advantages of direct-lit and side-in LED backlights. On the one hand, the backlight is densely and evenly distributed behind the screen, and can be adjusted according to the image signal brightness. The local area emits light to achieve accurate localized light control, which makes the color expression more precise, making the black blacker, brighter and brighter. On the other hand, the fuselage realizes the change from thick to thin, and the border width is similar to No, consumers are more free and open when they enjoy 3D images. LEX9 is the best combination of TV thickness and picture layering, making the picture quality fresher and brighter.

Up to 400Hz multiplier technology, watching and not dizziness

It is understood that in the current TV market, the screen refresh rate of other brands is up to 200HZ, and the 400HZ screen refresh rate of the LG 3D LED TV LEX9 is not available in other 3D TVs. Nowadays, more and more people like to buy discs to watch large movies at home. Hollywood blockbusters have a lot of stunts and grand scene effects, and the picture speed is very fast. Ordinary LCD TVs are prone to tailing, afterimages, and even dizziness due to the relatively low refresh rate. LEX9 This 3D TV uses the highest frequency multiplication technology 400HZ, which is the TV with the highest refresh rate in the store. It can double the frequency multiplier. Even if you watch the disc at home, you can enjoy the real feeling in the theater: no tailing, No residual image, comfortable, and enjoyable.

In the future, more and more 3D sources, with 400Hz, make consumers more effective when watching dynamic images. Moreover, for many consumers who are worried about the dizziness of 3D TV, LEX9 can be easily solved by increasing the screen refresh rate to 400 frames per second. This is also not available in other 3D TVs that use 200HZ screen refresh rate.

"Motion sensing" is convenient and easy to control.

“Motion-sensing” remote control is another surprise that LEX9 brings to consumers. Just like the convenience of wireless mouse. When the consumer picks up the remote control and aligns with the TV, a prompt screen will appear on the screen. All the function icons are obtained. The three-dimensional icon mode of the Red Dot Awards makes the operation very simple. I don't know the manual, I know where I want to go. Channel preview, channel change, and volume adjustment are all easily done on the screen. The use of dynamic remote control to play TV games is a different taste, just like playing games on the computer with the gamepad is as fun and fun.

In addition to unique technologies such as FULL LED and “motion-sensing” remote control, LG 3DLED TV LEX9 is also equipped with the most consumer-recognized features in the current TV field as the world's most high-end TV set. For example, digital TV all-in-one, network navigation, high-definition streaming media playback, DLNA home entertainment network, smart energy saving, and high-speed Bluetooth. It can be seen that relying on so many technical functions and matching slim fashion design, LG LEX9 is enough to become the most desirable 3D TV for consumers. At present, LG LEX9 is available for sale in some major home appliance stores. Interested friends may wish to experience the dreamy 3D graphics performance brought by the world's largest 3D TV with family or friends.

With a professional R & D team, the company has applied for 296 patents and 231 granted patents, including 43 invention patents. With a high technical qualification, the company has participated in the development of 14 national and industrial standards and organized several industry technical interchange meetings

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