The completion ceremony of “Shanghai·Ecological Home” was held

The concept of green residential music and music - the completion ceremony of "Shanghai and Eco House" was held

On April 17, the only physical case project “Shanghai·Ecological Home”, which represented the host Shanghai in the World Expo, was officially completed. The completion ceremony was held in the Urban Best Practice Area of ​​Puxi Expo Park. Shou Ziqi, Director of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai World Expo Bureau Deputy Director Huang Jianzhi and other leaders attended the completion ceremony.

Located in the northern part of the Urban Best Practices Area, “Shanghai Eco-Home” shows people the most advanced green houses and Lohas concepts. Most of the building materials used in this five-story building are waste utilization. For example, building facades and stair paving are waste bricks that are towed away during the renovation of the old city. Gypsum board is also made of industrial waste. However, the biggest attraction of the pavilion is the use of high technology. For example, the LED lighting solution provided by Shanghai Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Technology Research Center integrates lighting, decoration and art. It is beautiful and beautiful; the roof of the “Shanghai·Ecology Home” installed on the roof can be changed according to the angle of the sun. Automatically change the angle; the integrated thin-film solar photovoltaic system can generate 150,000 kilowatts of clean electricity for building lighting; the potential energy recovery elevator can store the potential energy generated by the elevator up and down for its own use... In addition, during the Expo, the robot Waiters, robot chefs, etc. will also be unveiled to lead the visitors to experience the future of human life.

According to reports, the entire building is more than 60% energy-efficient than similar buildings, and at the same time achieves “zero carbon emissions”, which fully reflects the concept of “green building, happy life” and will lead the trend of future urban home life.

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