LEDON push OLED lighting display module

LEDON launched the company's first OLED lighting display module prototype. The prototype includes two series LUREON and LUCEOS.

LEDONOLED Lighting is a joint venture between the Austrian Zumbotel Group and the Fraunhofer IPMS Institute (Fraunhofer Photonic Microsystems Research Institute) to develop and produce OLED lighting modules.
LEDON indicates that the module has great flexibility in the electronic data bus system and supports large-area lighting layout. The bus can be configured with DALI or DMX systems, allowing simple and efficient connections between different sub-elements.
The LUREONOLED lighting module is a giant, 100x100 cm2 and 100x50 cm2, which can be easily integrated into a large-area lighting system. LUCEOS is a hexagon, and the module is finished with OSRAM's ORBEOSCDW-031 OLED.

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