Energy saving is obviously attracting attention

Shanghai vigorously promotes LED new high-efficiency light source. Before the Expo, 80% of the main elevated roads in Shanghai and the Expo Park will use LED semiconductor lighting.

It is reported that since 2008, Shanghai Electric Power Company has taken the lead in piloting LED and electrodeless lamps in some sections of this city. At present, new lighting has been installed in major sections such as Wuning Road (Daduhe Road, Zhongshan North Road), and the energy-saving effect is obvious. The annual electricity cost is nearly 100,000 yuan.

Zinc Alloy Phone Ring Holder

Zinc alloy phone ring holder are mainly made of zinc alloy material, the general use of electroplating process, drop glue, oil (color), sandblasting; Innovative ideas, free adjustment, Rotate 360 degree and vertical 180 degree is very convenient, Firm and strong ,anti slip off, Viscous excellent.

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Zinc Alloy Phone Ring Holder

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