The main patent is about to open, and the future of LED technology is unimpeded.

LED lighting will become the mainstream of future lighting technology. It has become a consensus that traditional applications for displays, indicators and small-screen LCD backlights will increase in cost, power and efficiency, in automotive electronics, home lighting, The backlighting of large-screen flat panel displays and higher power lighting applications have become mainstream products. At this year's International IC Show, we saw leading LED drivers including international leading semiconductor companies such as Freescale and Zetex and many local IC companies. Among them, China Resources Micro-Semiconductor Co., Ltd. exhibited its own series of LED driver boost and buck converter circuits. The company plans to develop LED lighting chip solutions as one of the main directions for the company's product development. LED drive solution.

In the past few years, LED technology has made great progress, and advances in heat dissipation, packaging, and process technology have led to higher brightness, higher efficiency, longer life, and lower cost. At the time of global environmental protection and energy-saving technology research and development, it is undoubted that the energy-saving and high-efficiency advantages of LED lighting will be favored by the lighting market. "We are very optimistic about the prospects of the LED lighting market. We have already adopted LED driver solutions as one of our product development directions. At present, we have launched a 5W LED solution, and the next step will be to launch 10W and 75W chip solutions to form a comprehensive series. Chemical product line." Ling Hui, general manager of 矽微科技, said. At present, the company's LED products include series backlight drive, parallel LED drive charge pump, and LED driver solution without capacitors and inductors.

"The patent of high-power white LED materials is currently in the hands of Japanese companies. Most of the patents will expire in this year. Therefore, white LEDs will be cheaper in the future, and the overall market capacity will grow rapidly." Ling Hui pointed out optimistically. Compared to incandescent lamps, LED lighting solutions feature long life, high reliability and high energy conversion efficiency. The large adoption of LEDs will certainly boost the demand for LED driver ICs.

However, in terms of energy conversion efficiency, thermal management and production costs, LEDs still have room for further improvement. LEDs need to be more widely used in lighting applications, and technological advances and cost compression of LED materials and semiconductor drive solutions are needed. Innovative cost-effective solutions for local IC companies like Micro Technology will accelerate the popularity of LED lighting. Application, and the performance improvement and cost reduction of the LED material itself is also an important factor in the development of the LED lighting market. The opening of the white LED material patent will enable the spring of LED lighting to come soon.


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