Seoul Semiconductor Innovation "Warm White Acriche" Environmental Lighting Technology

Seoul Semiconductor ("Seoul Semiconductor Company Ltd." formerly known as "Seoul Semiconductor") [Stock Listing No.: KOSDOQ 046890] announced the launch of "Warm White Acriche" environmentally friendly lighting technology, the new products can be applied to daily lighting products, now officially The lighting market is launched. Acriche is a new semiconductor lighting technology that can be directly applied to AC electrical plugs (110 volts / 220 volts) without the need for converters or ballasts. It is easy to replace DC LED lighting to create a brighter lighting environment. Depending on the light source, the “warm white Acriche” environmental lighting technology can reach up to 42 lumens per watt. After calculating the power loss, Acriche's product efficiency is still 35 lumens / watt. After calculating the losses of the ballast and the illuminator, the actual efficiency of the light source is 39.9 lumens/watt, which is much higher than the 7.5 lumens/watt of the conventional bulb, 10 lumens/watt for the quartz lamp and 30.6 lumens/watt for the power-saving bulb. Seoul Semiconductor also launched another "warm white Acriche" environmental lighting technology, which can reach 33 lumens / watt (Ra = 90), has a higher color rendering index (Color Rend- ering Index or "CRI"), can Appearing the near-natural color of the object, it is most suitable for hotels, museums, display boxes, indoor lighting and residential lighting where high CRI is required. CRI is used to detect the ability of a light source to reproduce color after being projected onto various objects to distinguish features of different light sources that emit the same color. The natural sunlight has a CRI with a Ra of 100 and is rated as the best color rendering index. Usually CRI (Ra = 80) is already a higher index. Acriche focuses on the development of lighting technology, which is more efficient than traditional bulbs and fluorescent lamps that emit light 360 degrees. Li Weixun, chief executive of Seoul Semiconductor, said: "The world is now making rapid moves, hoping to replace traditional lighting with a new light source, driven by environmental pollution monitoring, rising oil prices, power efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs. As well as the demand for mercury-free lead-free lighting products, I hope that the successful development and launch of 'Warm White Acriche' can contribute to it." The following is the performance of "Warm White Acriche": Light source classification Traditional bulb quartz lamp Energy saving bulb "Warm white Acriche" Light source efficiency (lumen / watt) 15 20 60 42 * Ballast efficiency (%) 100 (no ballast required) 100 (without ballast) 85 100 * Luminaire efficiency (%) 50 50 60 95 * Source efficiency (lumens / watt) 7.5 10 30.6 39.9 * Ballast efficiency: Ballast loss efficiency * Luminaire efficiency: The ratio of the illuminant to the light emitted by the lamp (in percentage), the components of the illuminator, such as the U-distributor and the reflector, absorb some of the light from the lamp, while a high-efficiency illuminator absorbs only a very small amount. light. * Light source efficiency = light source efficiency × ballast efficiency × luminous efficiency


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