Energy-saving lamps, are you home?

Have you noticed? The words “energy saving and emission reduction” are now a very popular buzzword.

In fact, energy conservation and emission reduction is not only a strategic goal for the sustainable development of the national economy, but also related to our daily lives. Everyone starts from their own and works hard from the inconspicuous subtleties to effectively promote the development of energy-saving business, and our quality of life will be higher. From the perspective of the family, one of the most common and most convenient energy-saving appliances is the energy-saving lamps for daily lighting.


Promoting the use of energy-saving lamps is of great significance for energy conservation and consumption reduction. One of the earliest energy-saving lamps introduced to the province, the executive director of the Zhejiang Lighting Association, and the chairman of Shangyuliang Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. Chen Yuliang, when we interviewed us recently, we calculated an account: a strict national standard The energy-saving lamps produced are one-fifth of the electricity consumption of ordinary incandescent lamps. If three-fifths of ordinary incandescent lamps in China are replaced by energy-saving lamps, the annual energy saving will be 100 billion kWh, equivalent to a Three Gorges Project. Annual power generation.

Energy-saving lamps have such a good power-saving effect, so what is the use situation? An incomprehensible phenomenon is that more than 90% of the world's energy-saving lamps are produced in China, but the use rate of energy-saving lamps in China is less than 20%.

As a major province for the production of energy-saving lamps, the province's energy-saving lamp production ranked first in the country for many years. In 2006, it reached 700 million, but the overall situation of the energy-saving lamp consumer market is not satisfactory.

When we interviewed some of the lighting markets in Hangzhou, many business owners reported that the business of energy-saving lamps was not good.

In the Angel lighting market, we have seen that some energy-saving lamps for the "national inspection-free products", such as small ghost lighting, Sanxiong Aurora, 11-watt dual U lamps are priced at 14.8 yuan and 16.5 yuan, respectively, other equivalent specifications Different brands, such as Carver and Op Lighting, are priced at 12 yuan and 14.5 yuan respectively. And like brands like Philips, a 5 watt double U lamp sold for 16 yuan. In the new district of Hangzhou lighting market on Shenshui Road, we found that some imported energy-saving lamps are more expensive to sell. The price of Germany Osram 11-watt double-U lamps is 18 yuan. Other energy-saving lamps that can emit colored lights are more expensive than ordinary energy-saving lamps. About one yuan or so. And even a brand-name incandescent lamp, like the Philips 40-watt ordinary light bulb, only sells 1.8 yuan, and the Foshan brand only sells 1.2 yuan. A middle-aged woman who is picking incandescent lamps said to us: "Energy-saving lamps can save electricity, but the price is too high. Buying one is equivalent to buying eight or nine incandescent lamps. The provincial electricity bill is not spent on the bulb. 1

The quality of energy-saving lamps is mixed, which is a major cause of consumers' discouragement. According to the relevant departments of Hangzhou, special inspections were carried out on 12 batches of energy-saving lamps in more than 10 large and medium-sized supermarkets and department stores in Hangzhou. The results were only 5 batches, and 7 batches were unqualified, and the pass rate was only 41.66%. During the interview, an old gentleman complained to us: "There is no two days before the May 1st Golden Week. The energy-saving lamps at home will be broken. Three 5W energy-saving lamps will cost 6 yuan, 25W than the same brightness. The ordinary light bulb is more than doubled. When I first bought it, I thought that although the light bulb was more expensive, the electricity cost saved after a period of time would be compensated up. Overall, it was still cost-effective. I did not expect that the energy-saving lamp was changed to less than half. In the past few months, there have been several broken ones, and the rest of me have been hanging."

The products are not well-balanced and the market supervision is weak, which not only causes consumers to misunderstand the energy-saving lamps, but also makes many high-quality energy-saving lamps products difficult to promote in the market, so they have no choice but to export all. Shangyuliang Lighting Co., Ltd. has an annual output of more than 50 million energy-saving lamps. It is a national export-free product. Its products cross the ocean and cross the ocean. It has “lighted up” Japan, the European Union, the United States, Brazil and other countries and regions, and is the largest exporter of national energy-saving lamps. One of the businesses, but like many companies in the province, they chose to export all products.

Promotion and expect the whole society to "help"

Promoting the use of energy-saving lamps is a powerful measure to build a conservation-oriented society. As far as our province is concerned, there is a huge market for energy-saving lamps. Weng Maoyuan, president of Zhejiang Lighting Association, provided us with a new set of data: If there are more than 10 million rural and urban households in our province, 5 million households replace the original 60-watt incandescent with one 11-watt energy-saving lamp per household. The lamp, when the illumination is constant or slightly increased, is calculated by the single lamp daylighting for 6 hours. The accumulated annual energy saving of 5 million energy-saving lamps can reach 530 million kilowatt hours, accounting for 5% of the total lighting power consumption in the province. about.

How to solve the problem in the promotion of energy-saving lamps? Some industry insiders and experts have put forward their own suggestions.

Chen Yuliang believes that in order to raise awareness of energy-saving lamps in the whole society, in addition to strengthening publicity, it is also possible to learn from foreign experience and adopt some more practical and effective measures. He appreciated the promotion of energy-saving lamps in EU countries: as early as a few years ago, the EU countries made a decision, and the relevant government departments gave a free trial of energy-saving lamps for each household. These lamps are all high-quality brand-name products that the government has uniformly purchased. However, it is stipulated that the designated store must first explain the meaning of "green lighting" and the performance and usage of the energy-saving lamps to the customers who take the lights, and then send the lights to them. This not only eliminates the influx of counterfeit and shoddy products into the market, but also gives users a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of implementing “green lighting” for society and individuals, and fully exerts the energy-saving demonstration role of energy-saving lamps.

Zhou Xiaoguang, deputy of the National People's Congress and chairman of Zhejiang Xinguang Jewelry Co., Ltd., called for the formulation of relevant policies to promote the adoption of environmentally-friendly and energy-saving lighting in public places such as cities, districts and streets.

Yu Guande, an electrical engineer at the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University, pointed out that in the case of mixed production of energy-saving lamps, it is particularly important for government departments to drive out the market by order to rectify counterfeit and shoddy products and drive out the “reputation” of energy-saving lamps.

Some experts have suggested that, based on the experience of countries such as Europe and the United States and Hong Kong, China, the subsidy policy for the production and sales of energy-saving lamps will be introduced to reduce the price. This will not only facilitate the promotion of energy-saving lamps, but also squeeze out inferior products. City often

Please select eight details please note

How to choose energy-saving lamps that are both energy-saving and worry-free? We asked the lighting experts to introduce the following simple and easy methods for your reference.

First of all, to buy energy-saving lamps to choose well-known brands, such as domestic bright, Yinghui, etc., foreign Osram, Philips and so on. When purchasing, please confirm that the product packaging is complete and the logo is complete.

Secondly, pay attention to the power of the tungsten wire bulb. Most manufacturers will list the power of the product itself and the power of the tungsten light bulb with similar luminosity. For example, the "15W → 75W" logo generally refers to the actual power of the energy-saving lamp is 15W, which can emit a luminosity similar to that of a 75W tungsten bulb.

Third, the energy efficiency label. At present, the country has introduced energy efficiency standards for energy-saving lamps. Energy-saving lamps with an average life expectancy of more than 8,000 hours can be issued.

Fourth, energy-saving lamps are also divided into cool and warm colors. The high-quality energy-saving lamps' warm light design and superb color development technology make the light color comfortable and comfortable. Users can choose the color of the light that matches the home design, according to personal preference.

Fifth, when purchasing energy-saving lamps, the technical parameters of the electronic ballast should be considered. Ballasts are a core component in lighting products. The energy efficiency national standard focuses on the energy efficiency limit value and energy conservation evaluation value of the ballast.

Sixth, the choice of appearance. There are many kinds of decorative patterns in the lamps. When selecting the whole lamp, pay attention to the plastic case, preferably a high temperature resistant flame retardant molded case.

Seventh, after choosing the energy-saving lamps that are satisfactory, don't rush to pay. The general store will provide the lamp holders to test the lamps for consumers. Try before the payment to ensure the operation of the energy-saving lamps is normal.

Eighth, after the lamp is energized, pay attention to whether the thickness of the phosphor coating is uniform, which will directly affect the normal lighting effect of the light.

Use energy-saving lamps, these must be noted

Energy-saving lamps have U-shape, spiral shape, petal shape, etc., ranging from 3 watts to 40 watts. The prices of energy-saving lamps of different models, different specifications and different origins vary greatly. Energy-saving lamps can usually be installed in lamps such as ceiling lamps, but energy-saving lamps are not suitable for use in high-temperature and high-humidity environments. Therefore, energy-saving lamps should be avoided in bathrooms and kitchens.

The use of energy-saving lamps should pay attention to three points: First, the lamps with dimmer switches should not be used; Second, the power supply voltage should be stable and should be consistent with the nominal rated voltage of the lamps; 3. When replacing the energy-saving lamps, avoid holding the lamps. And pay attention to replace it after power off.

Another reason for the unsatisfactory sales of energy-saving lamps is that the propaganda is not enough, consumers have insufficient understanding of the role of energy-saving lamps, and the purchasing enthusiasm is not high. During the interview, we randomly visited some customers who bought single-unit household lamps. Many of them said that they only “heard” or “know” energy-saving lamps. When asked "whether it was found that energy-saving lamps were used to save electricity", most of them answered "unclear" or "not paying attention". Some people buy energy-saving lamps, the reason is actually "looks more natural."


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