Shunde: Production base of lamp holder

Shunde is located in the central part of the Pearl River Delta Plain, with Guangzhou in the north, Panyu in the east, Nanhai in the north, Xinhui in the west and Zhongshan in the south. It is 32 kilometers from Guangzhou, 127 kilometers (69 nautical miles) from Hong Kong and 80 kilometers from Macau. With a total area of ​​806.15 square kilometers and a population of 1 million, there are more than 400,000 overseas Chinese and Hong Kong and Macao compatriots.

According to the survey by the reporter, there are more than 80 lighting (electrician) finished products enterprises in Shunde. Almost half of the enterprises produce both lighting products and electrical products, while the distribution of enterprises is spread out from the center of Leliu Town. The total output of Shunde Lighting (Electrician) enterprises is flat, lighting products and electrical products are equally divided, and they have a considerable proportion in the national and international markets. Among them, lighting products are mainly based on brackets and grille lamps, and electrical products. The switch panel is the main one. Lighting companies with brackets and grille lamps as "fist products" are not only in Shunde, but also have large output. The related products of various enterprises have great influence in various professional markets and office lighting engineering fields across the country.

As Shunde Leliu, small hardware, small household appliances and lighting electrical products are increasingly becoming the pillar industries of the local area. It is also the production base of the lamp holders. It has great influence in foreign and domestic markets, and has gathered a batch. The industry's "big Mac", such as the EU, Xunguang and so on. In recent years, through the expansion of production scale, adjustment of product structure, improvement of management level, and development of international markets and other tactics, a large number of well-known enterprises such as “Dongling”, “Jinli” and “Huaqiang” have emerged and are well-known in the industry. For electrician (lighting) manufacturers, Shunde is a competitive advantage with the corporate group. Because there are a large number of companies in Shunde that are closely related to the electrician (lighting) industry and related support institutions, a strong and continuous competition has formed.


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