Shanghai building materials industry keeps an eye on Foshan Tao Enterprise to build the largest building materials center in East China

On May 19th, Shanghai International Building Materials Home Brand Center, which is regarded as the largest building material center in Shanghai, was laid in the Qingpu District of Shanghai. It is reported that it is known as the largest building materials center in East China, and the ceramic exhibition area will mainly be oriented to Foshan. The ceramic exhibition hall of the center will attract more than 80 ceramic enterprises from Foshan.
Building materials home center can be used next year

According to Zhang Xuxiu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shanghai International Building Materials and Home Brands Development Center, Shanghai International Building Materials Home Brand Center Project is located in Chonggu Town, Qingpu District. It is divided into boutique commercial area and logistics processing area with the main axis of Beiqing Highway. 810 mu, including 370 mu of boutique commercial area, its project has been started. The total investment of the project is about 1.5 billion yuan and the total construction area is 480,000 square meters. It is planned to be completed by the end of this year. The overall project will be completed in 2008, next year. Can be used formally.

Zhang Xuxiu also said that the Shanghai International Building Materials and Home Brand Center will attract all domestic and foreign first-class brands and implement the threshold. Zhang Xuxiu also said that Foshan's ceramic brands are increasingly popular in Shanghai, and Foshan is also a national ceramics production base. Therefore, in the ceramic exhibition area planning, there are more than 150 ceramic brands facing ceramic enterprises in Foshan. There will be more than 80.
Shanghai market is difficult to replace Foshan headquarters

“Foshan ceramics enterprises pay great attention to the East China market, but there are not many places where they can make a name for themselves.” Foshan Tao Enterprise, the general manager of the marketing of Foshan Tao Enterprises, Yingpin Holdings Co., Ltd., revealed that Foshan’s Some well-known companies want to have a certain market share and popularity in Shanghai, but Foshan Ceramics has not entered a large market in Shanghai.

Xiao Yuanjing also said that according to the information disclosed by Yibang Real Estate, the development prospect of Shanghai Building Materials Home Brand Center should be very optimistic, because of its convenient transportation and the potential of Shanghai's big market, it will open the East China to Foshan Ceramics. The market brings great opportunities.

"But in any case, it can't replace the position of Foshan Ceramics in Foshan." For the way that Yibang Real Estate proposed to rent only and not sell, Xiao Yuanjing also proposed that if the investor is exempt from rent in the first year, It is more attractive to ceramic enterprises in Foshan.

“Because the cost of decoration in a showroom is very high, as a business, we don’t know exactly what the market will be. If the rent is free for the first year, I think it’s easier to attract ceramic companies from Foshan.” Xiao Yuanjing explained Road.


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