Alipay AR red envelope vulnerability was cracked, Alipay response

Look for it, find a red envelope and find a big red envelope!

Seeing that all the streets are red envelopes, Xiaobian’s heart has already gone to the middle of finding red envelopes...

Recently, the first bullet of the Alipay 2017 Spring Festival red envelope "AR real red envelope" officially launched, red packets, red envelopes, red envelope map ... red packets have been played with new tricks.

Alipay AR red envelope vulnerability crack, Alipay response

Alipay AR red envelope vulnerability crack, Alipay response

How to play AR real red envelope?

Red envelope

The user can click on the "red envelope" on Alipay, select "AR real red envelope", and then select "hidden red envelope". After the user sets the location information, the clue map, the recipient, etc., the AR real red envelope is generated. After that, the cue map will be sent to friends through social platforms such as Alipay, WeChat, QQ, etc., and invited to collect them.

Alipay AR red envelope vulnerability crack, Alipay response

Looking for red envelopes

The collar red envelope has two conditions:

1. Go within 500 meters of the red envelope;

2. Find the object in the clue map and open the Alipay sweep.

Alipay AR red envelope vulnerability crack, Alipay response

In addition to obtaining direct clues from friends and family, users can also see red packets issued by other users and merchants on the red envelope map. If the recipient of the red envelope is "anyone", the user can find and receive the red envelope according to the hint map and the location prompt.

For the new gameplay of AR Reality Red Packet, enthusiastic users will certainly not miss it!

"There is a red envelope hidden in the cat at home. If you want to take it, you have to take the same photo to the cat. You can only wait for the red envelope to return."

"If you want to receive a red envelope, you must first add an Alipay friend." Some netizens said that there are quite a lot of red envelopes on the road, but they must all be friends.

Alipay AR red envelope vulnerability crack, Alipay response

In view of some social problems caused by the previous "Pokémon Go", there may be people in the Spring Festival this year who may be caught in a red envelope and become obsessed with security incidents, or be deceived or robbed in interaction with strangers.

Compared to everyone sitting and sending red envelopes, this real red envelope is indeed more interactive and interesting.

Alipay's AR real red envelope function can increase the fun between lovers and family members. For example, at home, you hide Alipay red packets in one place, let your lovers or family members find them, and find them will also have a sense of accomplishment, right? ? It’s much more fun to open a red envelope than you.

Alipay AR red envelope vulnerability crack, Alipay response

I was cracked only one day after going online. Alipay response

After the launch of the red envelope, while attracting attention, some people are also looking for ways to drill holes. By scanning other people's mobile phones or clues on the computer screen, PS Dafa has come into battle.

In this regard, Alipay officially announced that Weibo has already upgraded the product technology of the AR red envelope. The probability of scanning the fingerprint map of others to receive the red envelope has been further reduced to a probability of a few ten thousandths. The probability of grabbing the red envelope through the PS is also greatly increased. reduce. In addition, because a single red envelope has a maximum limit of 200 yuan, plus an Alipay account can only receive 10 AR real-time red envelopes in a day, it is not reliable to rely on PS and other methods to grab red envelopes and make a fortune.

Many netizens on the 24th Weibo feedback, the method of using PS is really not very good.

Alipay AR red envelope vulnerability crack, Alipay response

Alipay said that the AR Real Estate Red Packet is mainly to provide a fun and interactive way for everyone to gather more years, happiness and positive energy for the Spring Festival. It is not the norm to "find the red envelope of a stranger on the street."

The industry also said that there is no need to worry that there will be too many people to grab the red envelope through the PS method. Because the amount of each red envelope can only be known after being opened, sitting in front of the computer and grabbing the red envelope through PS and other methods is neither fun nor high, and there is no benefit. At most, some people are only "smart". .

Spring Festival red envelope war ahead of time

The red envelope war of the Spring Festival has always been a battleground for Alipay and Tencent. According to last year's record, on the New Year's Eve, the total number of WeChat red envelopes received and received exceeded 8 billion; Alipay's “咻一咻” 790,000 people gathered Wufuping points of 215 million; 308 million QQ users brushed out 2.234 billion red envelopes.

This year, Alipay and Tencent have all turned their attention to AR's gameplay. Alipay AR red envelope just launched soon, Tencent QQ public number issued a message: QQ LBS + AR red envelope, see you in January. It is reported that the red envelope function of this LBS+AR will be officially released in January 2017.

Alipay AR red envelope vulnerability crack, Alipay response

From the screenshots given by the official, QQ AR red packets will play some new tricks, in addition to finding red envelopes, you can also guess which rewards from multiple red envelopes.

Alipay AR red envelope vulnerability crack, Alipay response

Ali Tencent’s red envelope war on the eve of the Spring Festival continued for several years. This time, who do you think will win?

More news

Those things about red envelopes

Sending red and red packets is a long-standing tradition of the Chinese people. The red envelope culture was originally a normal interpersonal relationship from the Chinese people's courtesy, reflecting the friendly complex of harmonious coexistence. For many hundred years, the red envelope is still the most important. However, the red envelope is more common. First, it is a kind of care for the younger generation. The lucky money and birthday wishes all contain the meaning of peace and good fortune. The second is the etiquette of wedding celebrations, and the expressions of the first meeting of relatives and friends and the mutual wishes. The other is a reward from the feeling of inner feelings.

Red rope threading

Alipay AR red envelope vulnerability crack, Alipay response

The earliest lucky money appeared in the Han Dynasty. The earliest money for the New Year’s money is also called the overwhelming victory, or the big pressure to win the money. This kind of money is not the currency that is circulating in the market, but is designed to avoid the evil spirits in the shape of coins. The wearing items in the form of coins first appeared in the Han Dynasty, and some coins were cast with various auspicious words, such as "Long live the ages", "Tai Ping Tai Ping", "Go to the murder", etc.; Such as dragon and phoenix, turtle, Pisces, fighting sword, star fighting and so on.

In the Tang Dynasty, the wind in the palace was popular in spring. At that time, the Spring Festival was a "Spring Day", a day of mutual worship in the palace. The folks did not have this custom. The twenty-sixth volume of "Zi Zhi Tong Jian" records the birth of Yang Guifei, "Xuanzong personally sees it, and he is pleased to pay for the gold and silver money." In addition to He Xi, the more important meaning of the said child-washing money is the amulet of the elders to ward off the evil spirits.

Alipay AR red envelope vulnerability crack, Alipay response

After the Song and Yuan Dynasties, the first day of the first month replaced the spring day, known as the Spring Festival. Many customs that belonged to the beginning of the Spring Festival have also moved to the Spring Festival. The custom of spring money and money has evolved into a custom of giving children a lucky money. Qing Fu Chadun Chong "Yan Jing Sui Shi Ji" is such a record of the lucky money: "wearing money with colored rope, making a dragon shape, placed at the foot of the bed, that is, the age of money. The child of the longevity. Also known as the lucky money." In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, most of the lucky money was given to children by red string.

Red paper bag

Alipay AR red envelope vulnerability crack, Alipay response

Red envelopes have appeared in the Tang Dynasty. At that time, they used hand-woven bags to make "covers". They were limited to the court and the official use. The folks used a bright red paper with auspicious meaning, wrapped in a note with blessings and words, and sent to relatives and friends. Friends, to express your heart.

The first generation of printed paper red envelopes, about 1900, was only available when printing began to be widely used. At that time, the so-called red envelope was very simple. It only printed butter on red paper and gold powder on the dried butter. The effect was like the red envelope of hot gold, and the pattern was mostly simple. Paired with the words of Geely.

After the Republic of China, it evolved into a hundred-year-old copper yuan wrapped in red paper, which means "long life and centenary", giving the younger generation of the younger generations a lucky money. The red paper is wrapped in a large ocean, symbolizing "prosperous wealth" and " A million." After the currency was changed to banknotes, parents liked to use the new banknotes linked to the number to give the children, because the "link" and "lian" homophonic, indicating that the next generation "continuously made a fortune" and "continuously rising."

Electronic red envelope

Alipay AR red envelope vulnerability crack, Alipay response

During the Spring Festival of 2014, “WeChat Red Packets” became popular overnight. A few dollars or even a few cents of "profits" have brought people closer to each other in the joy of mutual discussion and distribution, and let the traditional "red envelopes" inject into the new fashion of social networks.

In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Sheep, the Spring Festival Evening is still refreshing itself. More people are watching the Spring Festival Evening in front of the TV set, and use WeChat to shake the participation in the program interaction, grab the WeChat Spring Festival red envelope, and a beautiful and fun all-round carnival will be shaken out.

On the New Year's Eve in 2016, I have to pay for the treasure "咻一咻" Fuka, and it is best not to leak the red envelope in the WeChat group. I have to go to the QQ red envelope to "brush a brush"... "Red envelope" and "Red envelope" "It seems to be a kind of "New Year's custom."

There was a scene suddenly appearing in front of you. When the 2017 Spring Festival dinner was held, everyone was no longer shaking or staring at the red packets. More of them were holding the charging treasure in one hand and carrying the mobile phone in one hand to go to the various "hidden treasure points". between.

"AR real red envelope" how to play specifically, see below to update the latest version of Alipay available ~ ~

Alipay AR red envelope vulnerability crack, Alipay response

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