Sofa housekeeper, help you simplify

With the popularity of smart TVs, TVs have become more powerful and playable. However, the problem has come. For Xiaobai, the TV will not be able to operate in addition to receiving IPTV and watching the live broadcast. What do you want to do if you want to watch TV programs? With less app store software, how can we turn it around?

Here I will share a personal favorite third-party software application market - sofa butler.

Take the author's home Changhong 49A1U TV as an example

First use the computer to find the sofa butler app download from the sofa butler's official website - home page (example is the sofa butler V5 version is installed)

Copy to U disk in FAT32 format, plug in TV installation

After the installation is complete, return to the home page.

Viewing in the application, the sofa butler installed successfully

click to enter

V5 interface is not very new

The first item lists some of the commonly used video-on-demand and live broadcast software. It is easy for people who do not understand the application.

It is worth mentioning here is the sofa money center, the author must point every day, haha

Because this sign in can draw! (Although it hasn't arrived yet, but I believe there will always be a reward, good luck)

The second item is the software classification list

They are video, game, software, drama and variety rankings.

Popular resources are all available

The third television channel, in addition to hitting movies, there are a variety of TV on demand software, fitness video, is not very comprehensive

Next is the video game section, where all kinds of popular featured games can be found here.

Look! The classification is so meticulous, the game players will enter the seat

There is also my application here. Press the remote control's menu button to manage it. Is it also very convenient?

The most powerful is also the last item - the toolbox

Clean, optimize, uninstall, update, remote control, network acceleration, and more.

Here is also a search function

Clicking on a search will have some popular keywords that are often searched

I want to see Korean drama K2 but I do not know which software, try searching

Hey, it was really found this Korean drama

When you open one of these resources, you can find out which software is broadcast in this program. You can download and install it from your house of management. It is not very convenient.

More powerful features of the sofa butler, more efficient operation, we all experience it!

After installing a sofa butler on the TV, the application is not bad. It is also convenient to find games. Optimization and management are all covered. A software is in hand, and live broadcasts are all on-demand.

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