Zhong Jiecong: Case Analysis of LED High Efficiency Lighting


At 4:30 pm on June 11th, at the Guangzhou International Lighting Technology Summit held at the same time as Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, Mr. Zhong Jiecong, Marketing Director of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Asia Pacific, made a case analysis report on LED efficient lighting.

LED in the home application



The LED system can be more intelligent, and in terms of home lighting, it is possible to design different lighting schemes according to the visitor.


1. LED can affect your mood, let you calm down and cheer up;

2. LED can bring a good mood like daylight, and it can bring ease like old light bulbs;

3. LED can be hidden in the building, wherever it can have its light;

4. The light can change the structure of the room;

5. Warm lighting can make you and your family feel relaxed and natural.

LED in road and outdoor lighting applications



1. Energy saving;

2. Avoid light pollution;

3. Intelligent control;

4. Can better recognize faces and trees;

5. LED lights enhance the intermediate vision;

6. Enhance the sense of security in residential areas.

LED in office lighting applications



Illumination can be enhanced in a certain area by utilizing the characteristics of LED directional illumination. There is no such product in the market at present, I believe that it will appear in the future.


1. Create a glare-free office environment

2. Can adjust the light according to the environment and mood

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