Compact monitoring system R&S DVMS1 (R&S)

Rohde & Schwarz has introduced a compact monitoring system, the R&S DVMS1, for digital TV networks. The R&S DVMS1 monitors both MPEG transport streams and RF signals, making it ideal for comprehensive monitoring of transmitters installed at different launch locations. Since the R&S DVMS1 can detect a modulation error rate (MER) of up to 38dB, it has a distinct advantage in competing with the same type of product: network operators can even detect damage in high quality signals, thus enabling potential Timely and effective prevention of failures. In addition, the R&S DVMS1 is also extremely cost effective.

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In order to respond to signal failures as early as possible, network operators must be able to quickly identify the problem. R&S DVMS1 can achieve this with its rich features. The signal output from the transmitter monitoring port is directly fed into the R&S DVMS1. The main RF characteristics of the signal, such as level, frequency and MER, can be directly measured. By configuring the corresponding options, the R&S DVMS1 can also simultaneously monitor the transport stream in the DVB-T signal and the transport stream of the input transmitter. Measurement results and recorded errors can be displayed directly or reported to the monitoring center via the SNMP protocol.

The R&S DVMS1 graphically displays measurement results, allowing users to quickly preview test data. In addition, the R&S DVMS1 integrates a number of other analysis and viewing functions, including PCR jitter analysis, thumbnail display and EPG display. By using the in-depth analysis feature, you can locate faults more accurately.

The operation of the R&S DVMS1 is very simple, and all monitoring functions can be configured according to the needs of the user, so that the monitoring is more in line with the actual needs of the user. The R&S DVMS1 can also be easily integrated into the data network for remote control via a central network management system. In addition, remote access can be done web-based from different locations at the same time.

The R&S DVMS1 is only 1 HU high and 1⁄2 19" wide, making it one of the most compact devices on the market. This way, even when the launch pad has limited space, it can be easily installed. Of course, it also Can be installed on all lab benches.

The R&S DVMS1 can be used in systems with multiple centers simply by installing a transport stream monitoring module. Such an economical solution can also be extended at any time.

Rohde & Schwarz's R&S DVMS1 monitoring system is now officially released.

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