Shenzhen LED production value accounts for 1/3 of the country

The output value of LED (semiconductor lighting) industry in Shenzhen has exceeded 24.5 billion yuan last year, accounting for one-third of the country's total output value of 80 billion.

In view of the rapid development of Shenzhen LED industry, the 7th China International Semiconductor Lighting Exhibition and Forum will be held in Shenzhen in October this year, which is the third time that the exhibition has settled in Shenzhen. This is what the reporter learned from the relevant press conference yesterday afternoon.

According to Qiu Xuan, deputy director of the Shenzhen Science, Technology, Industry, Trade and Information Technology Committee, Shenzhen has a relatively complete industrial chain and supporting capabilities. It has become the most concentrated area of ​​domestic industry and an important production base and trade center for LEDs nationwide. Shenzhen LED packaging output accounts for about 70% of the country, accounting for about 50% of the world; some technical fields are in sync with the world. In terms of the number of enterprises, there are more than 1,000 LED lighting companies in Shenzhen, accounting for about 50% of the national semiconductor lighting companies. At present, Shenzhen has become the world's largest production and supply base for solar LED lamps, the world's major production and supply base for LED backlights, the largest domestic production and supply base for LED displays, and the main domestic production areas for LED packaging and LED lighting.

Last year, the total output value of LEDs in Shenzhen increased by 35% over the previous year, reaching 24.5 billion yuan, of which exports accounted for about 70% of total sales revenue. The number of LED patent applications in Shenzhen ranks first in the country. It is estimated that by 2015, the output value of Shenzhen LED industry can reach 130 billion yuan.

At present, the exhibition has fully launched the external recruitment and exhibition work, including many well-known enterprises such as SONY and Hangzhou Yuanfang have booked the booth.

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