TSMC will expand cross-strait semiconductor business plan based on economic and trade policies

At present, in the field of semiconductors, the Taiwan region has imposed strict investment restrictions on the mainland. Except for the upper limit of 40% of the capital applied to all investment fields, semiconductor manufacturing below 0.18 micron and 12-inch can not travel westward.
As of now, TSMC's business in the mainland is still limited to the operation of Shanghai Songjiang 8-inch factory, which is in sharp contrast with its world-leading 12-inch foundry service. Although the semiconductor industry is not very sensitive to land and labor costs, factors such as basic talent, customers, market and logistics have become the constraints of Taiwan's semiconductor manufacturing industry.
TSMC’s largest rival in the mainland, the world’s third largest foundry giant, SMIC, is rapidly deploying on the mainland. Since 2000, it has set up production bases in six key cities in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Chengdu and Shenzhen, and completed preliminary layout in packaging testing, semiconductor upstream equipment and solar energy. Not long ago, it was authorized by IBM's 45nm semiconductor technology, and it has already threatened TSMC in a higher technology field.
Industry analysts said that SMIC has set up six production bases, and may want to grab the layout before the opening of the Taiwan policy, and deal with the impact from rivals such as TSMC.
But Zhang Zhongmou is not afraid of SMIC's move. "TSMC is doing 45 nanometers in Taiwan, which is more competitive than SMIC in 45 nanometers in Shenzhen." On the 12th, he said. However, he believes that cross-strait economic and trade policies will be opened step by step. The company will not actively invite the government to loosen the landing of high-end semiconductor technology.
As for the company's investment area in the mainland, he said that TSMC has no plans to build a production base outside the Songjiang plant. Because, "the Songjiang factory is very large, you can also cover a 1 inch 2 inch fab in situ." Moreover, the 8-inch product capacity of the plant is still below the "economic scale", and the expansion space is large.
At present, the TSMC Songjiang Plant has a monthly production capacity of only 31,000 pieces. In October last year, the company acquired the European plant equipment (8-inch production line) in Atel, California, and said it is expected to transfer it to Shanghai Songjiang to expand production capacity.

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