LED Driver ICs: Worldwide Forecasts

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Darnell Groups ( http:// ) first edition of LED Driver ICs: Worldwide Forecasts examines the projected growth path for solid-state lighting out to 2013. The forecasts are based on a detailed analysis of 53 application subsegments in small LED backlight units (BLUs) (<7); medium LCD BLUs (7 to 15); large LCD BLUs (>15); automobiles; light trucks; commercial trucks and buses; signs, signals, and billboards; And photographic lighting.

Among other important and surprising results, the report finds that 2008 will be the first year that the use of LED lighting exceeds the use of neon in general-purpose channel letter signs in North America, said Jeff Shepard, president of Darnell.

The single largest opportunity for growth in the next five years will be in the various applications within the signals, signs, and billboards segment. That segment is already the second-largest unit segment.

In addition to developing the detailed unit sales news, this analysis provides a detailed projection of average selling prices for LED driver ICs in each of the 53 application subsegments. Those pricing forecasts, combined with the unit sales analysis, deliver a detailed forecast of dollar sales Trends in each of these subsegments.

The market for high-brightness LED driver ICs presents significant growth opportunities. The dollar market is projected to grow significantly faster than unit sales. The higher dollar growth rate is a reflection of high growth rates for higher-cost LED driver ICs.

Automotive applications are also projected to grow rapidly during the forecast period. While applications such as headlights will present fair modest potential, brake lights and other applications will drive high volumes of LED driver IC sales. This analysis reviews trends in 21 automotive application subsegments across the Major application categories of automobiles, light trucks, and commercial trucks and buses.

The report also follows trends in battery-powered applications versus (AC) line-powered applications. Battery-powered applications such as cell phone handsets and digital still cameras presently dominate unit sales. Their lower average selling prices puts battery-powered applications in second- Place behind higher-priced AC-powered applications in terms of dollar sales.

AC-line powered applications are also the fastest-growing. By the end of the forecast period, unit sales of AC-powered applications are expected to rival unit sales of battery-powered applications for LED driver ICs.

As a result, AC-powered applications such as signals, signs, and billboards, and illumination will increase their already dominant dollar market share between 2008 and 2013. At that time, LED technology will be poised for accelerated growth in general illumination applications.

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