Shandong Provincial Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Semiconductor Lighting Industry

Shandong Province issued "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Semiconductor Lighting Industry":

First, fully understand the importance of accelerating the development of semiconductor lighting industry

Semiconductor lighting technology has the characteristics of high technology content, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution, and broad market prospects. Vigorously promoting semiconductor lighting technology can not only save a lot of energy, but also greatly reduce environmental pollution, reduce energy consumption, improve the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of economic development, and enhance the province's sustainable development capabilities. At the same time, the semiconductor lighting industry has a high degree of industrial relevance, and it has a strong pulling effect on new lighting, lighting, advertising, display, circuit, packaging, new materials, equipment manufacturing and other industries, which can drive the upstream and downstream electronic information industry. development of. Accelerating the development of the semiconductor lighting industry with independent intellectual property rights is of great significance for cultivating new economic growth points, promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, promoting sustainable economic and social development, and achieving energy conservation and emission reduction targets.

The province's semiconductor lighting industry has a good foundation, and its research and development capabilities are in the leading position in the country. Some products have reached the international advanced level, and the development of the semiconductor lighting industry has certain technical advantages. However, on the whole, the development of the semiconductor lighting industry in our province is relatively slow, and there is still a certain gap compared with the advanced regions. All levels and departments should further improve their ideological understanding, adjust their development ideas, and place the semiconductor lighting industry in an important strategic position to accelerate the development of the semiconductor lighting industry.

Second, accelerate the development of the semiconductor lighting industry's guiding ideology and development goals

(1) Guiding ideology. Conscientiously implement the scientific development concept, guided by the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the ninth Party Congress of the province, and in accordance with the principle of “leading, chain extension, industrial agglomeration, and employment”, the province’s research and development in the semiconductor lighting industry will be brought into play. And the advantages of production, with independent innovation as the driving force, with key enterprises as the leader, based on the advantages of the field, with clustering, scale, and industrialization as the development direction, consolidate the foundation, clear the bottleneck, improve the industrial chain, and promote semiconductor lighting. Promote the application of technology, cultivate a group of internationally competitive semiconductor lighting enterprise groups, and build a number of semiconductor lighting industry bases with high technology standards, large industrial scale, strong supporting capabilities and obvious regional characteristics.

(2) Development goals. Strive to reach the world's advanced and domestic leading level in technology research and development and industrialization in the field of semiconductor lighting upstream industries such as power SiC substrate materials, LED and LD epitaxial wafers in 2010; in the midstream industry of die manufacturing, device packaging, etc. To cultivate more than 5 large-scale production enterprises, the industrial scale has reached the forefront of the country; in the downstream industries such as applied products, more than 100 enterprises above designated size and 20 enterprises with sales income exceeding 100 million yuan have been cultivated; 10 provincial-level enterprise technology development centers, 3-5 state-level enterprise technology development centers, 2 engineering research centers or engineering laboratories; promoting compound single crystal, shell frame, encapsulating materials, phosphor powder, chemical reagents, laser The development of crystal, solid laser manufacturing and other related manufacturing industries has formed a complete semiconductor lighting industry chain.

By 2015, we will achieve more new breakthroughs in key technologies of the industry, form a relatively complete high-end industrial chain and innovation chain, build a technology-based R&D embryo with international standards, master a batch of core technologies, and cultivate a group of internationally competitive The company has built an important research and development, manufacturing base for China's semiconductor lighting industry.

Third, accelerate the development of the semiconductor lighting industry

(1) Building industrial bases, improving the industrial chain, and developing industrial clusters.

According to the development status and industry division of the semiconductor lighting industry in our province, in accordance with the advantages of advantageous advantages, outstanding features, rational division of labor, rational allocation of market resources, rational adoption of upstream, middle and downstream industries, promotion of industrial agglomeration principles, rational planning and Guide the province's semiconductor lighting industry region? Zheng Zheng? Focus on the construction of four industrial bases in Jinan, Weifang, Qingdao and Binzhou.

Taking Jinan High-tech Zone as the basis, we will give full play to the scientific research advantages of Shandong University, and expand the LED, LD die manufacturing, packaging and semiconductor lighting fixtures with SiC substrate materials and various LED, LD epitaxial wafers and photovoltaic cells. And photovoltaic product R & D production capacity, improve industry concentration, build a national leading semiconductor lighting industry base; Weifang High-tech Zone as the basis, with various types of LED, LD die manufacturing, packaging as the main body, gradually to the upstream industry epitaxial film R & D and production development, accelerate the downstream LED, LD packaging and semiconductor lighting production and photovoltaic industry development, form a Weifang semiconductor lighting industry base with scale advantages; with Qingdao backbone enterprises as the main body, accelerate the development of backlight products, form a new industry, backlight With a production capacity of more than 200,000 sets, the company is striving to expand the market outside the province, making Qingdao an important semiconductor backlight production base in China; based on Binzhou backbone display manufacturing enterprises, integrating resources, cultivating leading enterprises, improving research and development capabilities, and expanding production scale. , the construction of LED display curtain industrialization base.

(2) Promote independent innovation, break through key technologies, and improve industrialization capabilities.

Strengthen the construction of innovation system, encourage enterprises to establish sound technology research and development centers, enhance research and development capabilities and core technologies; strengthen the combination of production, learning and research, unite well-known institutions and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, build engineering centers and engineering laboratories, and carry out major technical research and Promote the industrialization of results; establish a major scientific and technological research, industrialization and introduction of digestion and absorption of the project library to ensure that the key industries have stable technical development support.

Further clarify the technical development focus, strengthen SiC single crystal substrate material growth and processing technology, power LED, LD die preparation technology, red, yellow, blue, green, ultraviolet epitaxial material growth technology, power type high brightness white light emission Diode technology, high-power white LED packaging materials and process technology, LED lighting system design and application integration technology, as well as research and research on solar photovoltaic cell manufacturing and solar-LED integration technology, strive to achieve breakthroughs.

Accelerate the construction of key industrialization demonstration projects, actively promote the power, high-brightness GaN-based LED substrate, epitaxial, chip industrial production line, power-type white light packaging and application product industrial production line, SiC single crystal growth furnace localization and single The industrialization of crystal growth furnaces, the research and industrialization of LED backlight sources and dynamic control systems for large-size liquid crystal display panels, and the application of semiconductor lighting in the solar photovoltaic industry, etc., to rapidly form production capacity.

(3) Expanding application areas and establishing demonstration projects to promote industrial development through application.

In accordance with the "application-driven development" approach, accelerate the cultivation of application-oriented enterprises, and promote the development of application-oriented enterprises through urban landscape engineering and demonstration projects, and achieve coordinated development of the entire industry. Select a number of key projects, landmark buildings and landscapes as well as public places, and carry out demonstration projects for semiconductor lighting applications through government, 窆骸12. In the government, the brown school will give priority to the province's independent innovation of semiconductor lighting products or equipment to promote the development of the province's semiconductor lighting industry.

(4) Deepen institutional innovation, promote reform and restructuring, and cultivate a number of advantageous backbone enterprises.

Further deepen the reform of the system, form a growth mechanism for enterprises that meets the requirements of market economy and the law of industrial development, and use product matching and application development as a link to guide enterprises to continuously expand production scale, improve technical standards, and accelerate through joint and ambiguous Form a group of leading enterprises with industrial advantages, scale effects and brand image, and develop a group of enterprises with scientific management, flexible mechanism, outstanding main business, independent intellectual property rights, strong core competitiveness, good development prospects and international competitiveness. group. Actively promote the diversification of corporate investment entities, establish a modern enterprise system, constantly improve the corporate governance structure, and accelerate the innovation of decision-making, distribution and employment mechanism.

(5) Expanding the international market, strengthening investment attraction and enhancing international competitiveness.

We will vigorously cultivate export-oriented products and export-oriented enterprises, support enterprises in developing new technologies, new processes and new products in the semiconductor lighting industry, and launch a number of export products with independent intellectual property rights; actively guide leading enterprises to “go global” and carry out international exchanges. Cooperation, open up the international market, encourage competitive enterprises to operate internationally, and set up research and development, marketing and service agencies abroad. Further improve the investment environment, increase the use of foreign capital, focus on and attract investment in the semiconductor lighting industry, and focus on introducing a number of industrialization projects with high technical standards, good market prospects, large industrial scale, and strong action. Promote industrial transfer and cooperation.

Fourth, to promote the development of semiconductor lighting industry security measures

Further expand the financing pipeline and increase capital investment. Strengthen the guiding role of government investment, and establish a diversified and multi-level investment system that is market-oriented, enterprises-oriented, and government-involved. Special funds such as provincial-level information industry, manufacturing industry, strong energy conservation and water conservation, industrial technology research and technological innovation and development, high-tech independent innovation projects, resource-saving social science and technology support system construction, and development of science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises should be given priority to support me. The development of the semiconductor lighting industry in the province, actively supporting key technologies and technological breakthroughs. Through policy guidance, we will further optimize the investment environment and guide social capital into the semiconductor lighting industry. Guide financial institutions to increase support for semiconductor lighting companies, and encourage qualified enterprises to enter the capital market for direct financing. Encourage enterprises and individuals from home and abroad, inside and outside the province to invest in semiconductor lighting projects or start businesses in the province, and invest in all kinds of foreign-owned, joint venture, private capital, venture capital investment in industrial development and base construction, in terms of project establishment and preferential policies. stand by. In accordance with relevant state regulations, we will conscientiously implement preferential policies that encourage enterprise technology development fees, accelerate the depreciation of fixed assets, and reduce taxes.

Strengthen the construction of the talent team and provide intellectual support for industrial development. Support higher education institutions in the province to open courses in optoelectronics and professional skills, strengthen the construction of teaching staff, courses and teaching materials, and train more optoelectronic professionals and senior technicians. Strengthen the introduction of intelligence with the focus on LED professional technology leaders and senior management talents. While introducing internationally advanced LED industry projects, we encourage projects to bring technology and talent. Improve the work and living environment of senior professional technicians in semiconductor lighting, and condense high-tech talents. We will fully implement the enthusiasm and creativity of those who have completed the work of technical achievements and those who have made outstanding contributions to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. All levels should strengthen the organization and leadership of the development of the semiconductor lighting industry, integrate the research, industrial development and promotion of semiconductor lighting technology into economic and social development strategies, formulate supporting policies, and accelerate the development of the industry. The Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Information Industry Department, the Economic and Trade Commission, the Finance Department, the Science and Technology Department, and the Construction Department should establish a coordination mechanism to study and solve major problems in the development of the semiconductor lighting industry, coordinate and guide the industry to accelerate development. The Provincial Development and Reform Commission shall work with relevant departments to study and formulate the development plan and policies for the semiconductor lighting industry; the Provincial Information Industry Department shall do a good job in guiding and guiding the semiconductor lighting industry; the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission shall support enterprises to intensify technological transformation and support the construction of enterprise technology centers; The Provincial Science and Technology Department should highlight research priorities, support enterprises and scientific research institutions to strengthen research and development of semiconductor lighting technology; the Provincial Department of Finance and the Construction Department should study and formulate relevant policies and measures to vigorously support the promotion and application of semiconductor lighting products and equipment. Other relevant departments should also support the development of the semiconductor lighting industry and study and formulate specific measures. All news media should strengthen the propaganda of the semiconductor lighting industry in our province, especially the propaganda and reporting on industrial resources, environment, policies and key areas, key enterprises, technological innovation, international cooperation, park construction, brand products, etc., to expand social influence. To create a good public opinion environment for the development of the semiconductor lighting industry.

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