Shen Tianxing: a woman who is highly respected in the field of lighting (photo)

There are not many research scholars in China's lighting industry, and women are even rare. Tianjin University professor and doctoral tutor Shen Tianxing is one of them. Recently, the special reporter of China Lighting Network Group has conducted an exclusive interview with Mr. Shen Tianxing, a highly respected teacher in the Chinese lighting industry.

Lameihua: Beautiful, unique, unyielding, loving and kind

Professor, School of Architecture, Tianjin University: Shen Tianxing (Aladdin Lighting Network Column)

Reporter: Hello, Mr. Shen! Thank you for participating in our group interview. First of all, I would like to ask you a question related to this. Do you like flowers? Do you usually spend flowers? What kind of flowers do you like most? Why?

Shen Tianxing: I like the flowers very much. I like Lamei and Camellia. I usually plant some flowers. If I have to choose one, I will choose Lamei. The plum blossoms are golden like wax, and the frost is proud of the snow. It has not been withered for a long time. It is still earlier than plum blossoms. I think that people should have the unyielding qualities of Lame.

Reporter: There are not many research scholars in China's lighting industry. Among them, women are even rare. How did you get on the road of lighting?

Shen Tianxing: To be exact, I am on the road to architectural optics. After the architecture major of Tianjin University, I was fortunate enough to be sent to Tsinghua University to study for postgraduate studies. I was prepared to study with Soviet experts. The Soviet experts suggested that China should pay close attention to cultivating talents engaged in building physics (including sound, light, and heat). Leaders arranged for me to study. So I embarked on the path of architectural physics (including architectural optics).

Reporter: The concept of lighting design has just started in China. Many places in China have only done the art of lighting and not talking about it. What work have you done in this regard?

Shen Tianxing: I wrote "Natural Lighting" in 1955, introducing the technology of natural light from the Soviet Union into China. In the 1950s and 1960s, he studied the study of lighting and sunshine calculations in the Soviet Union. The work that has been carried out since then mainly includes: improving the quality of lighting, creating a lighting visual design application system, establishing a light environment testing system, and developing an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly "Beiyang Pearlescent Bipolar Lighting Series". In addition, it also drafted the development of lighting standards. .

Reporter: What do you think is the most important thing to be a lighting designer? What do you think about lighting design?

Shen Tianxing: I think lighting designers need to grasp two principles. First of all, we must have the correct design concept to guide. The specific implementation of the work, we should pay special attention to the following six aspects.

1, to meet the functional requirements

Taking road lighting as an example, in addition to the driver's ability to see the road conditions, the road lighting function also includes the location of public stations, subway stations, and other public service places, as well as street signs, residential buildings, and other building signs. In addition, psychological lighting should be included. The need for security on the ground.

2, do not have to pursue daytime effects

For example, the role of landscape lighting is to create a corresponding atmosphere, highlighting the beauty of the environment, concealing ugly things, and inducing when needed. Therefore, landscape lighting is not a reproduction of the daytime landscape, but a re-creation of art.

3, there must be the main and the times, there are clear and dark, highlighting the key points to do something.

4, there must be rhythm, rhythm, strength, such as when designing the bridge lighting system, the main force members of the bridge should be expressed.

5, do not easily raise the standard, to darken the bright

6. The atmosphere should be appropriate. I will explain this in the following two lighting design schemes of the Penglai Pavilion case.

The plan is like a devil's gunhouse, which is very dazzling, but the atmosphere is not incompatible with the Penglai Pavilion. It is also very different from the Penglai Pavilion that people think, and the energy consumption is also big.

Penglai Pavilion Night Scene Lighting Scheme 1

In the second scenario, as Bai Juyi described in the Song of Everlasting, there is a fairy mountain on the sea, and the mountain is in the air. The feeling is that in the emptiness of the fairy pavilion, the entire lighting brightness design is just right, the energy consumption of this program is much lower than the former, can be described as two birds with one stone.
Penglai Pavilion Night Scene Lighting Scheme II

Secondly, in addition to the correct design concept, the use of advanced technology and concepts to achieve energy-saving, no-light pollution is another important principle that must be considered in lighting design.

Reporter: Women who want to achieve success at work usually pay more than men, so they have to achieve greater success in a certain field. There may be a lot of bitterness in this area. Can you share with us? ?

Shen Tianxing: I have never felt that the lighting workers should be divided into men and women. Frankly speaking, I think that I am not a good mother or a good wife. In my life, I have supported a family for a long time, and I have a day in the nursery. I took my child to work, and when the child is very young, I will be my helper and help me to test. In my opinion, for a complete family, in addition to certain physiological differences, chores can be shared by both men and women. I hope that the public opinion can also report some good husband models.

Reporter: What advice can you give to female friends in the field of lighting?

Shen Tianxing: Here I would like to emphasize two points for the majority of women in the lighting industry. Women want to catch a cow? First of all, they can be economically independent and not attached to the man. More confidence, we are not worse than men, we must have a career.

Tianjin University School of Architecture Professor Dr. Shen Tianxing Aladdin Lighting Network Column)

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