Zhongtian IPC Application Solution for CNC Machine Tools

Zhongtian IPC Application Solution for CNC Machine Tools
[System Overview]
The numerical control machine tool adopting the embedded computer (TOP) technology has a wide range of adaptability. When the processing object is changed, only the input program instructions need to be changed; the processing performance is higher than that of the general automatic machine tool, and the complex profile can be precisely machined, thus being suitable for processing small and medium batches. , Frequently modified, high-precision workpieces with relatively complex shapes, and good economic results With the development of numerical control technology, the number of machine tools using numerical control systems is increasing, including lathes, milling machines, boring machines, drilling machines, and grinding machines. Gear processing machines and EDM machines.
[System Block Diagram]

[System principle]
CNC machine tools are mainly composed of numerical control devices, servo mechanisms and machine tools. The program instructions input to the numerical control device are recorded on the information carrier and are read by the program into the device, or input manually by the keyboard of the numerical control device.
The numerical control device includes a program read-in device and an input portion composed of electronic circuits, an arithmetic portion, a control portion, and an output portion. The numerical control device is divided into three types according to the control functions that can be achieved: point control, linear control and continuous trajectory control.
[System Configuration]
This paper takes a high-performance numerical control system of CNC company as an example to introduce the application of Zhongtian Industrial Control Series embedded computer (TOP) in CNC system.
I, numerical control unit:
Embedded computer:
19' Rack mount standard structure, NEMA 4/12 aluminum waterproof, dustproof front panel;
10.4' TFT color LCD display;
Configuring Zhongtian Industrial Embedded Motherboard;
Zhongtian Industrial Control 8 slot industrial control chassis (including switching power supply);
Two sets of membrane keyboards with grounded metal mesh;
Servo-controlled serial communication card, six-axis position loop control card, four-axis digital servo control card (optional);
Built-in PLC input card (48 channels/card), built-in PLC output card (48 channels/card).
II. Spindle system: Spindle drive unit + spindle motor, inverter + spindle motor, inverter + asynchronous motor.
III, feed system:
HSV-11D AC permanent magnet synchronous servo drive and servo motor, various analog and digital servo systems at home and abroad, HC5801/5802 series stepper motor drive unit and motor, HG.BQ3-5B three-phase sine wave hybrid drive and Stepper motor.
[system assesment]
The system uses Zhongtian Industrial Controls series embedded computer (TOP), TFT true color liquid crystal display, with multi-axis multi-channel control capabilities and built-in PLC, can be used with a variety of servo drive units. With the advantages of good openness, compact structure, high integration, good reliability, high performance-to-price ratio, and convenient operation and maintenance, it is a new generation of high-performance, high-end CNC system suitable for China's national conditions.
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