Bai Yuan network control WebAccess Internet configuration software air conditioning production line monitoring system solution

Summary Daikin Air-Conditioning Co., Ltd. crossed the ocean and brought advanced technology and management models in the air-conditioning field from Japan. With the current Internet technology, many technologies are shared between China and Japan; however, the HMI/SCADA used in the production process cannot Sharing through the Internet (web). Baiyuan Network Control Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. proposed a reasonable solution for its company's characteristics.

The Internet configuration software WebAccess is the first fully web based HMI\SCADA software. The scheme system architecture is as follows:

System Overview SCADA node: Controller for monitoring air-conditioning production lines (PLC, I/O boards, etc.)

PROJECT node: Web server and database take VPN (virtual private network) technology into account in view of the security of the system implementation process.

Features, advantages 1. Internet configuration software WebAccess realizes real-time monitoring through a web browser and has the function of remote diagnostic dimension. Even if it is not on site, it can also realize on-site monitoring and maintenance through the network.

2. Daikin air-conditioning is a group of multinational companies, the Japanese headquarters to understand the status of the Shanghai company site, the Shanghai company may also monitor the Japanese headquarters, which makes WebAccess unlimited client features are played incisively.

3. WebAccess's powerful algorithm ensures the real-time data processing, allowing field data to be instantly reflected in the upper human-machine interface in the shortest time, allowing the monitoring personnel to understand the situation on site in a timely manner.

4. WebAccess's network technology plays a decisive role in the entire system. Because WebAccess is based on network technology development and design, network communications and network monitoring are unmatched by the traditional stand-alone core program development configuration software.

The solution provided by the Internet configuration software WebAccess for Daikin Air Conditioning indicates the development prospects of the Internet configuration software in the field of process automation control and the Internet. In the digital world today, WebAccess will have its powerful functions and global uniqueness. Network advantages make due contributions to improving efficiency and saving manpower.