Belden Industrial Cable Solutions

Belden Industrial Cable Solutions
Industrial control and data cable information layer cables Data transmission is critical to discrete manufacturing and processing operations. This is the main reason why Belden's "network backbone" and "data highway" cables have become industry leaders. These cables connect various control networks such as PLC to PLC, production line to production line, and control room to PLC. For resource planning, scheduling, delivery time control, and cost analysis, Belden's DataTuff, MediaTuff, DataTwist, MediaTwist, TrayOptic, and Ethernet cables (including UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) and STP) Shielded twisted pair)) and brands such as Blue Hose are widely used by Ethernet, IBM Token, Broadband ("Firewire") and other popular network technologies worldwide. Belden's information layer cables meet various industry standards and are ideal for a variety of industrial environments and applications.
Control-layer cables control the network to connect to PLC processors, I/Os, computers, operator interfaces, and other smart devices to meet the requirements of real-time, high-throughput applications. These cables are widely used for automation and data control, including peer-to-peer information transfer, remote programming, troubleshooting, and I/O updates, as well as PLC processor interlocking on the same cable. The control network is perfectly suited to stringent industrial and application requirements such as automotive production lines, paint shop and assembly lines, water/wastewater treatment, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and grading conveyors. Belden's industrial control cables include ControlNet, Fieldebus, Industrial Twinax, new Mitsubishi Control and Communication Link, and TrayOptic fiber optic cables. There are a variety of structures to choose from.

Device-level cable The device-level cable provides an interface for connecting smart devices such as sensors, buttons, and engine start buttons directly from the programmable controller through a cable. Device-level cables allow the operator to monitor equipment throughout the workplace from a centralized control location and can reconfigure, change, or maintain them as necessary. For example, an operator can adjust the operational sensitivity of a sensor or change the deceleration rate of a device from a workstation on the network. Belden's device layer cables include ODVA DeviceNet, DataBus, DataTray, DeviceBus®, and Profibus DP, as well as cables for Seriples, Honeywell Smart Distribution System, and INTERBUS. There are many options to ensure that the cable is suitable for its job requirements.

Motor and Drive Cables Belden Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) 600V shielded cables are designed for low-to-medium power variable frequency AC motors such as HVAC equipment and exhaust systems. Its advanced shield design reduces motor noise compared to other cables, improving the overall control system's performance. Belden cables are more reliable, easier to install, and less expensive than metal armored cables or other inline power cords that meet the stringent standards of AC motor driven output cables. Belden VFD cables are certified to meet current safety standards and approved by many companies for variable frequency drives.

Highly flexible automatic control cable Belden's Infinity is a comprehensive family of control, data, graphics and power cables that are widely used in robots, gripping and placement machines, automatic operating systems, multi-axis machines and lift tables and conveyor systems, etc. Automatic sports equipment. These devices require highly flexible, long-life, and high-performance cables, and Infinity fully meets these requirements. Infinity cable means better performance and longer life cycle, because it reduces cable memory, greater flexibility, and can increase system uptime. There are longitudinal and twist control cables, data cables and image cables to choose from.

Other Belden Solutions for Industrial Facilities and Offices Voice, Security, and Alarm Cables Belden's New Generation cable provides the latest, most economical multi-conductor and coaxial cable products for your complex industrial systems. The full range of options available includes:
· Fire alarm cable · Medium capacitance fire alarm cable · Security alarm cable · Commercial audio cable · CCTV/CATV cable

Data Network Cable Belden boasts such notable products as the DataTwist 350 and MediaTwist, and is recognized as the leader in data network innovation. No matter what your job needs - transferring data, voice, images or any combination of data - Belden offers the on-site cable connectivity solutions you need, including:
Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cables Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) Cables Coaxial Cables BelOptix Fiber Optic Cables

Audio and video cable Belden's Brilliance offers excellent transmission performance for on-site and permanent studios, and is widely used for networking, teleconferencing, training, and corporate broadcast equipment. Belden's audio/video cable products include:
· High-conductivity microphone cable · Analog/digital audio cable · Speaker cable · Triax cable · Audio-video composite cable · RGB and SVHS cable · Multimedia cable