Yu Quan masterpiece - Yi Luo Wei portable screenless TV Jingdong starting

On December 8th, Yi Luowei's portable screenless TV W1 Jingdong starting, open the crazy pre-sale mode! The first starter has a surprise, the fourth surprise starts the first fever wave, the small partner who wants to buy can grab the goods in advance!

Four surprises followed one after another, but also do not hurry to start!
The first weight: starting pre-sale paid 99 yuan deposit, you can enjoy 200 yuan discount

The second weight: Yu Quan limited signature version of the first to start

The third weight: After the scheduled user purchases praised the sun single, send a pair of 3D eyes

The fourth weight: randomly selected 10 scheduled users, sent Yu Quan Christmas Night concert tickets

Ai Luowei portable non-screen TV W1, gold-inlaid jade appearance, Ipad mini size, the whole weight 700g, really small and beautiful. W1's color is carefully adjusted by the ISF's international color authentication masters, and the sharp and accurate color mixing experience enables excellent performance of photos and video animations, ensuring that the picture colors are natural and realistic. In addition, she also deepened the customization of smart operating systems, integrated Internet TV licensees CIBN Internet TV broadcast authorization, thousands of shadow million play assured.

Yu Quan recommended, I believe the choice of stars, I believe the eyes of millions of users!

On December 8th, Yi Luowei portable screenless TV W1, Jingdong starting, immediately participate!