Infiniti box on the upgrade, U disk brush, line brush several instructions

About the upgrade, U disk strong brush, line brush, some instructions, when you brush machine 10 million in accordance with the following principles. Try several more times and watch more tutorials. I wish you all a success.

1, before the brush machine must first determine the type of their own machine, such as i9 or i6, single-core, dual-core or quad-core. Download the appropriate driver for your model. (The model of the machine is generally indicated at the bottom of the box.)
2. Note: The firmware of each model is not universal, do not brush the firmware of other models. At the same time, the firmware of different hardware of the same model cannot pass the brush (such as i9 dual-core and quad-core, i6 dual-core and quad-core, i6H and i6X firmware cannot pass Brush) Before you upgrade the firmware, you must determine your specific model and configuration.
3, on the line brush computer can not find the problem of hardware, explain here again: you can not find the hardware must be short-circuited you did not make good. Let's say so, as long as the short connection is successful, the driver will automatically load and there will be no connection to the computer.
4. Before the firmware is flashed, press the "Is the format mandatory?" button on the Brush tool and select "No".
5, on the U disk to upgrade the firmware, if it fails, it must be due to the wrong choice of firmware, U disk normal firmware upgrade can not be cross-version upgrade (only U disk strong brush and line brush to cross the version).
6, U disk brush if failed, but also because there is no corresponding choice of firmware.
7, U disk brush machine can not solve or total failure, the line brush can generally be resolved. If you have strong hands-on skills, it is recommended that you brush the latest firmware.
8, Brush itself is a certain risk, not necessarily 100% to solve the problem, such as the machine is no problem does not recommend firmware upgrade operation.
9. The last brushing behavior is personal behavior. Please exercise caution. If the machine still has problems with the brush, it is recommended to contact the customer for repair. (If it is Taobao shop formal way to buy, Infineon products free warranty for two years, the shell is free to refurbish, only one out of one-way postage can)

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Infinik firmware: H8 chip (i6/i9/i12 eight core) Andrews 4.4 pass brush