Xie Gaozheng can't stop Jiangcheng "Switch King"

Xie Gao is a Shaodong native of Hunan, but a Mandarin is very standard. "I have been in Hubei for 8 years, and it’s hard to 'don' it." He smiled and said, with a little embarrassment. Biting his teeth and sticking to the north, Xie Gaozheng originally chose Yichang. Eight years ago, Xie Gaozheng borrowed more than 20,000 yuan from the borrowed, and dozens of Shaodong fellows, in the Yichang Yangtze River market, each started a hardware tool, electrical and electrical materials business. Hammers, wrenches, and even toothbrushes, playing cards... Xie Gaozheng and his fellow villagers who have never done business have moved all of them into small stores, counting on "small profits but quick turnover." Unexpectedly, after 2 years, the borrowed money lost a lot of light. The situation in the fellow villagers is just as bad. "In the end, only a few people bite their teeth 'it' down." Xie Gaozheng said with emotion. Quietly, Xie Gaozheng found that the store's products are too mixed. Everything is sold, and the customer doesn't know what you are selling. Cut off nails, wire, playing cards and other items, Xie Gaozheng concentrates on electrical and electronic products such as switches, wires, lamps, etc., and chooses several brand products to act as agents. Most of the customer resources of the fellow villagers were transferred to him. He ran to Yidu, Zhijiang and other counties and cities, found the local professional market, and actively visited customers; he also bought trucks to deliver goods for customers. In the third year, the business was finally profitable. I have to go to the front from a few thousand yuan per month, and now the annual sales amount is up to ten million yuan. Xie Gaozheng said, "Without patience, it is impossible to keep up with this day." In the marketing model, Xie Gaozheng has been changing ". “When others are still posing in the 'grocery store', I am already doing a brand store; when others are waiting for customers to come to the door, I have already ran to the following cities and counties.” Last year, Xie Gao was renting a facade at Hankou Square in Hankou. Preparing for a long time in Wuhan, “The distribution function of Wuhan is stronger, and the wholesale is not only fast, but also simpler than retail.” Xie Gaozheng judged. Within 3 months, Xie Gaozheng obtained the provincial agency rights of 3-4 new brands. “Wuhan market is very big, 'retail + agent' can effectively integrate resources.” Recently, Xie Gao is busy opening a “switch supermarket”. One year in Wuhan, Xie Gaozheng found that although there are many shops selling electrical materials, there is no supermarket that only sells switches. Xie Gaozheng’s idea is to be a big supermarket with 7-8 switch brands. Each brand's style, design, and price are different, and the customer's choice will be even greater. "On the switch, I want to run to the front." Xie Gaozheng said with confidence.


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