Sony introduces MDR-ZX head-mounted and EX-ear series headphones

Sony announced the launch of new headsets yesterday, and said that these products can support a variety of smart phones, they are MDR-ZX and MDR-EX series, the product will include 11 models. The MDR-ZX series belongs to the head. Wearing headphones, while EX is in-ear, the MDR-ZX750BN in the picture below belongs to the ZX series.
Sony introduces MDR-ZX head-mounted and EX-ear series headphones
ZX series headphones have better sound insulation, noise elimination, and support for Bluetooth connection. ZX series headphones can better support pairing with Xperia series smartphones and tablets, using built-in NFC near field communication technology. Wireless connection. The headset uses a 40mm drive unit and can block 98% of the ambient sound, and lasts for 13 hours after each charge.
The EX series in-ear headphones include the MDR-EX650AP, etc. This earphone uses a 12mm drive unit and a brass ear shell to provide a wider sound field. Since the density of copper is greater than that of aluminum, the split vibration can be eliminated to a certain extent, and the intermediate frequency can be improved. And high-frequency reproduction. These two series of earphone products are expected to be released in April, the price is unknown.

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