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"Qing Shi Ming Yue" is a martial arts TV series commissioned by Hangzhou Xuanji Technology Information Technology Co., Ltd. and jointly produced with Shanghai Tangren Film Production Co., Ltd., according to China's 3D martial arts animation series "Qin Shi Mingyue" series adapted by Li Guoli as a producer. Zheng Weiwen, Wei Hanxi and He Zhenhua served as directors. Lu Yi, Chen Yuxi, Jiang Jinfu, Hu Bingqing, Sun Yizhou, Jin Chen, Qin Junjie, Gong Yi, Yan Liang, Song Ning, and You Jingru starred together.

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The drama is based on the historical background of the period when Qin Shihuang annexed the six countries, the co-existence of all parties, and 100 academic disputes. It tells the story of the growth story of Jing Tian's son Jing Tianming, the Moga giant's daughter Gao Yue, and Chu Shaomin principal Shao Yu's three teenagers. Compatible with affection, friendship, love, historical missions and rivers and lakes.

Starting on November 29, 2015, the drama will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV's "Diamond Solo Theater" every Sunday to Tuesday at 22:00.
At the end of the Warring States Period, Jing Xia failed to sacrifice. The world's first swordsman Gyne was entrusted by Jing Xi, escorting Jing Tian’s son Jing Tianming to evade Qin Shi Huang’s pursuit. On the border of Qin State’s Ruo Yue Valley, Ganeyi repulsed three hundred Chinese soldiers on the Qin Dynasty, and Qin Shihuang was furious. Li Si was ordered to eradicate the two men. Under the guidance of Emperor Yin Taiyang’s Emperor Dong Tai, Lees sought out Gyhn’s brother-in-law, Wei Zhuang. Wei Zhuang’s superior swordsman always lived under Geyna’s name. In order to win the title of the first sword in the world, Wei Zhuang promised Lis’s request. , They do not know that they have fallen into the trap of Dong Tai Tai Yi. When Tianming was born at the time of birth, the body was secretly planted by the yin and yang family. It was a huge conspiracy.

On the way to exile, Gane and Tianming got to know the masters of the Mohist group, as well as the descendants of the State of Chu, Shao Yu, and the Mohist girl Gao Yue. Under the guidance of fate, the group entered the city of Mohism, the last pure land of the world. The city of the organs hides between the peaks of the Great Wall and gathers the profound wisdom of the Mohist. It is the last bastion of all the anti-Qin forces in the world. It is also the last refuge for the Mohist disciples.
Facing the impregnable Mohist government city, Zhao Gao first used the aggressive method to provoke Wei Zhuang's resentment, and then used power to seduce Weizhuang. He believed that as soon as Hu Hai became a member, Wei Zhuang would have the rights and status he had always dreamed of. In order to break the city of the authorities, Qin Shi Huang sent a large elite division. Wei Zhuang found the head of the public-losing family to lose their enemies, the public lost their enmity and the Mo family from generation to generation, and the strict defensive fortifications of the organ city faced unprecedented challenges.

Several masters in Weizhuang’s thorn group also rushed out. For a time, the murder of the organs of the city was repeated and the torrents flowed.