Xiao Bian explain: how to solve the network box Caton

Buy the back of the network box and find Caton to be the biggest headache. Why does it get stuck? Some users say that it is a network cause, and there are many reasons why user accusations are problems with the network box. However, there are many reasons that affect the smooth speed of TV playback. The solution that is summarized in the next section hopes to help the user!

Why is watching a video card at night?

The background server supports the normal operation of the entire network. In most cases, the network box watching live video is always caused by the live server. Especially in the prime time of the night or on weekends, many friends watching TV live will feel obvious. Caton, you need to buffer for some time to continue to play, this is because at the same time watching TV live more users, the pressure of the live server is too great to respond to the user's TV live service!


In addition to the network box manufacturers building independent live broadcast servers around the site, there is no other good solution to this problem. Moreover, due to the pressure of competition, manufacturers do not have to spend huge amounts of money to build independent servers.

It is not the failure of users to choose software

At present, the number of live broadcast software in the entire set-top box industry of the Internet is very large, but most of them are live broadcast sources that are captured from the Internet. The stability is very poor, and the clarity and fluency are difficult to guarantee. Even if there are multiple alternative program source addresses, you cannot Guaranteed stable and smooth viewing, because after all, it is the source of misappropriated programs. It can be used anytime.

In recent years, with the strengthening of copyright management by the country, it has become more and more difficult to grasp sources from the Internet: The various source tools and methods found on the Internet cannot be used. Consumers of ordinary set-top boxes can only hope for advanced products. Players can actively share program sources.


From the TV software to download more than a few live software backup, after all, live software developers in the technical aspects of more professional, can access more sources. And there are professional personnel maintenance, when the live source fails, it will promptly add new, effective live broadcast source.

What if the connection to the wireless network shows a low network speed?

Speed ​​is a key factor affecting the stability of TV set-top boxes watching TV broadcasts. If the speed is not up to standard, watching TV programs will of course always feel like cards.

In general, about 2M bandwidth can use TV set-top boxes to watch TV. In fact, it is also true, but the viewing experience is not guaranteed. In the Internet set-top box, there is a choice of definition. According to the difference of network bandwidth, consumers can choose the clarity of the current TV program. If your bandwidth is only 4M but you want to see full-HD content, no card is almost impossible. possible.


1. Using the network speed function of TV software, test the clarity of the programs that are suitable for watching at the current speed of your own box in minutes, select the resolution that is suitable for your own speed, and you can see the contents of the smooth and non-card programs at all times

2. The wired network is more stable than the wireless network, and the bandwidth speed is too low to be suitable for watching live programs. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the bandwidth or replace the wireless WIFI connection box with a wired network to maximize the stability of the network speed.

Long time use will also be card? Or is the CPU not power?

Maybe you will find it strange that the use of the box is related to watching TV live cards for a long time? Yes, if a box is not used for a long period of time, it will cause the CPU to be overloaded, work efficiency will be reduced quickly, and the data processing speed of the entire machine will be slowed down. This will slow down the operation of the box and cause TV cards to be seen. Phenomenon, but this situation is rare.


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