The sixth batch of new professional standards definition: lighting designer

Occupation Name: Lighting Designer

Occupational definition: A person who comprehensively designs indoor and outdoor light environments according to the functional nature of the space.

Main work content:

(1) Collect relevant materials and conduct research and analysis on the site; (2) Establish a computer model of the design environment, draw sketches of the design; (3) Conduct creative design, draw renderings and analysis of lighting design; (4) Conduct lighting engineering Technical design; (5) selection of lighting electrical products; (6) development of lighting installation, power supply and lighting control system design; (7) technical guidance for construction, installation, commissioning, acceptance; 8) Make recommendations for routine maintenance of lighting projects.

Career profile:

Since Edison invented incandescent lamps in 1879, humans have entered the era of electric light source illumination. With the rapid development of China's economy and society, China has become a major producer of lighting electrical products, which has created an unprecedented development space for lighting applications. At present, the development of urban construction and the improvement of human settlements require designers to meet the specific requirements of various lighting environments through scientific lighting design. Lighting designers have become an inevitable outcome of such historical conditions.

There are more than 1,000 lighting engineering companies in China. According to the data provided by the recent national industrial census, the number of lighting electrical industry enterprises in China is 8,792, and the number of employees exceeds 1 million. The above professional lighting engineering companies and enterprises are engaged in tens of thousands of lighting designers. These people are mainly distributed in large and medium cities.

The profession of lighting designers in developed countries has been established earlier, and its professional value has been widely recognized, and the level of employees is very high. At present, some colleges and universities in China have established courses in lighting design, such as architecture majors and environmental art majors, and also trained some professional lighting designers for the society. However, excellent lighting designers are very scarce in China, and their quality and quantity can not meet the development needs of China's lighting technology.

The establishment of the lighting designer profession in the country will help to standardize the lighting design market, and help to establish a high-quality lighting design team. It is a concrete embodiment of implementing the central energy conservation and environmental protection spirit. The conservation-oriented society has a certain meaning.


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