The most important thing! Smart TV maintenance methods

In recent years, smart TVs have developed rapidly, televisions have more and more functions, and screens have become larger and larger. Generally, related software and applications can be installed to watch 3D movies and play audio and video resources of storage media. Smart TVs are also slightly more expensive than ordinary TVs. If they are used improperly, they can damage the system and cause the failure of electronic components. As a result, they need to be used more properly and carefully maintained.

First, the maintenance of smart TV hardware

1) The Right Switch On and Off The current flat-panel TV is more similar to a tablet computer and has various hardware and software for the computer. So we need to treat it like a computer. When starting up: Start the top box, speakers, game consoles and other peripherals, and then turn on the TV. When shutting down: Turn off the TV first, and then turn off the top box and other devices. (The purpose of this is to prevent external devices from inflicting damage to the TV's circuit board at the moment of startup.) Do not "turn off" the TV, not letting everyone waste power, but instead pay attention to weighing the impact of turning on the power to the TV's life. We all know that the backlight is one of the most life-threatening components of all LCD TV accessories. It is very similar to the fluorescent tubes used in our homes.

2) The "three defenses" should be done for dust, moisture, and heat. Smart TV is a high-tech product. Although it can work in harsh environments, it is definitely not the best environment. You can buy a TV cover without using the TV for a long time. If the electronic components are covered with dust, it is not easy to dissipate heat, and the heat will cause accelerated oxidation of the metal components. Poor contact will occur over time. If the environment is wet, the electronic components can easily rust and corrode, resulting in damage to the components. In winter, objects that generate heat, such as electric kettles and electric heaters, should not be placed next to the television.

3) To protect the LCD screen The smart TV screen is very delicate and requires careful maintenance. When the screen is covered with dust, wipe it with a soft, damp cloth. Be sure to wring out and do not allow water to enter the panel. Or you can buy a special screen cleaner to scrub. When you rub, don't overdo it. The screen is very fragile.

4) Avoid scratching, twisting or hitting the surface of the LCD screen

Many people use their fingers to point and point at the screen. This doesn't matter to CRT TVs, but it can cause fatal damage to LCD TVs. At the same time, you must take care of your children and their toys and make any impact on the LCD screen. It will bring direct damage and it is very likely that the whole screen will be scrapped.

5) Still images can also damage the LCD screen

At present, many LCD TVs have a digital photo browsing function, but the display of a picture for a long time can cause damage to the LCD screen. When not using the machine for a long time, avoid making the machine display a screen, it is best to close.

6) Watch TV time

Continuous operation of the TV for a long period of time can cause the internal components to heat up. When the temperature is too high, it may cause the original to burn out. Because it does not have as many cooling fans as computers. The temperature of the LCD screen will reduce its service life.

Therefore, generally do not work more than 5 hours in a row. When people leave for a long time, they can turn off the TV.

This article does not conflict with the above considerations. In the case of super-long work, heat will accumulate inside the LCD TV's body, which is not too great a threat to other electronic components, but the LCD panel may be burned out, thus forming a large area of ​​dead pixels.

7) Do not place magnetic materials such as speakers near the TV to avoid causing screen magnetization.

8) Non-professionals are not allowed to open the back cover to clean the dust on the TV circuit board or repair the fault.

9) Configure an external speaker for the TV. Pay attention to the power matching.

Second, the maintenance of the software system

1) About the use of software. Smart TVs can usually install software, which brings us a lot of convenience. However, installing too much software can slow down the system and cause serious crashes. Therefore, if it is not necessary, do not frequently install too much software to the TV. The main function of the smart TV is watching TV programs.

2) About system upgrade and optimization. If the TV system is not necessary, do not upgrade it easily. Because TVs are valuables after all, in the event of an accident or power outage during the upgrade process, it may lead to an upgrade failure and not be able to boot. If some settings are not adjusted, you can restore the factory.

Third, smart TV remote control maintenance:

1) Please do not use or place remote controllers for household appliances in wet or high temperature environment, as it is very easy to damage the internal components of the remote controller of the appliance, or to accelerate the aging of the internal components of the remote controller of the appliance.

2) When the casing (outside surface) of the remote control of the appliance is dirty, please do not use organic detergents such as natual water, gasoline, etc., as these cleaners are corrosive to the housing of the remote control for home appliances.

3) If your home appliance remote control fails, please do not open the repair yourself. It is recommended that you send the home appliance remote control to the appliance repair department for professional repair personnel to detect and repair.

4) Avoid subjecting the remote control of the appliance to strong vibration or falling from a high place. Take out the battery when the appliance remote control is not used for a long time.

5) If some of the keys cannot be used, the internal of the remote controller may be dirty. Carefully disassemble the conductive rubber and the key surface of the circuit board. Use a proper amount of anhydrous alcohol to clean it. Use a hair dryer to dry it. .

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