Blu-ray God Machine upgrade! Kai Bor Q7-4K version of the front exposed

Senior HD enthusiasts will surely remember that in 2013 Kaibul launched a Blu-ray player flagship product, the Kaibul Q7, which became a high-definition machine with excitement among enthusiasts. Now, Kaibo plans to launch the 4K Blu-ray version of Q7, namely the open QorK7-4K version, which will support the 4K Blu-ray format newly released this year, which is really exciting.

The better news is that recent careful users have found a front view of this 4K Blu-ray player Kaibul Q7-4K in the product library of a certain website. Xiaobian next analyzes this according to this front view. Product related information:

Kai Bor Q7-4K version

Transparent material panel

Can be seen in the open front of the open Koror Q7-4K version of the exposure, this product panel reflects the light, it should be the use of a transparent material such as glass or acrylic, printed open Bor LOGO and related functional information, beautiful Can better protect the internal LED display.

Play status display

From the product diagram, you can see the Q7-4K version of the display continues the old DVD, VCD display design, users can easily see the playing time and other information in the Q7-4K version when playing video, in use More convenient, this is also the gospel of many nostalgic senior enthusiasts.

Android system

In the picture, you can see that the Q7-4K version of the open Bor 4K Blu-ray player has Android robots printed on the front. It's not hard to guess whether the Q7 is based on the Android system or is based on the Android system. This makes the Q7-4K version functionally extensible and software open. Sex can be improved a lot.

Brushed metal body

Kai Bor 4K Blu-ray player Q7-4K version of the fuselage with a black metal wire drawing body, the edge of the arc edge design, which is almost the same with the previous version of the Q7 material, drawing the metal work not only excellent, thermal performance Also worth noting. At the same time, according to the appearance design of the open Blu-ray Blu-ray playback products, the volume of this product will not be too small, and the use of home theater products should be very high-grade.

External dual antenna design

Kaibul Q7-4K version uses an external dual antenna design, which is also a common antenna design in the open Borel Blu-ray player products, whether it is the stability of the WIFI signal receiving or sending a hot signal signal is superior to the product of the built-in antenna design A lot.

According to a summary analysis, this open 4K Blu-ray player Q7-4K version of the opener maintains the previous calm and texture of the opener Blu-ray player, and continues the advantages of the previous version of Q7. At the same time, the latest 4K Blu-ray function is even more people. We are very much looking forward to the specific configuration information let us wait for the official release.